Zombies, Run and Oculus VR Join Keynote Line-Up at Games for Health

April 26, 2013 -

Organizers of the 2013 Games For Health Conference revealed two additional keynotes joining its slate of activities taking place in Boston, Ma. June 27 - 28. Palmer Luckey, Founder OculusVR will deliver a keynote address entitled "Healing and Health with Virtual Reality" which will explore the possible future uses of the company's virtual reality hardware in the medical field.

Six to Start founder and author Naomi Alderman (along with other members of the company) will discuss the innovative mobile exergaming title Zombies, Run!. The game has already sold over 400,000 copies to date and has seen fans of the game from around the world use it as key part of their outdoor and indoor exercise routine.

The keynote will take a closer look at the game's development history, its successful Kickstarter campaign, and other information on how to make a game that can do good things while being a lot of fun.

For more information on these and other Games for Health keynotes at this year's event, check out gamesforhealth.org. You can register for the event here.


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