GameStop to Stop Accepting PS2-Related Items as Trade-Ins June 1

May 6, 2013 -

According to the image to your left, GameStop will no longer be accepting trade-ins on various PS2 related items and systems as of June 1, 2013. That means if you want to trade those PS2-related items in for something new you'd better do it in the next couple of weeks. The image comes from a Reddit user named eGORapTure, who spotted the sign at his local GameStop.

Polygon contacted several GameStop stores including one in New York City who confirmed that the new trade-in policy was in place there as well. Another GameStop employee told the publication that, while they will no longer be accepting PS2 stuff for trade-ins, they will continue to sell PS2 related items in store while they still have them. The employee also confirmed that this new policy is a company-wide policy, so it's not simply a store having its own policy concerning PS2 stuff...

Sony stopped manufacturing the console in late 2012 after 13 years of production. The PlayStation 2 is the most popular and widely purchased home console system in the world to date.

Source: Polygon. Image via.


Re: GameStop to Stop Accepting PS2-Related Items as ...

I am surprised that it took this long. The PS2 has been out of commission for what 3 years now? Of course, this just means there will be more business for other game stores that sell older consoles and games.

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