Glen Jacobs Considers Run Against Lamar Alexander

May 30, 2013 -

Lamar Alexander, the Republican Senator from Tennessee that made headlines earlier this year for saying that "video games are a bigger problem than guns because video games affect people," may have a hard time getting nominated as the Republican candidate for the 2014 race if Glenn Jacobs decides to jump in. Jacobs, a self-described Libertarian better known by his day job as WWE wrestler Kane, is considering a run for his seat, according to conservative political site The Daily Caller.

At the time MSNBC's Chuck Todd was asking the Senator about gun control legislation that might be in the pipeline and if he would support it. The Senator responded with the above referenced statement and said he was "going to wait and see on all these bills," referring to a variety of bills that would be put before the senate to deal with gun control-related issues. All of this efforts eventually stalled.

You may also recall earlier in the month that Jacobs came out swinging against Republican lawmakers in the Senate who supported Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's (D-Nevada) Marketplace Fairness Act (a bill that would enable state to collect sales tax from online purchases across state lines).

While it sounds unlikely that Jacobs will run, Jacobs toys with the idea in a two-page feature article on the site. His biggest concern? That the race will get all the attention because of what he does for a living and not for the knowledge he actually has.

"Of course I know what’s going to happen is the media at first would treat this like a joke," Jacobs tells The Daily Caller of his potential candidacy. "There would be a lot of interest in it, but it wouldn’t be taken seriously in that respect, but that’s okay — because I think as it would move along they would find out that I do understand, and I do care, very, very, very deeply. But are those enough to be able to win? Because, frankly, if I’m going to do it, that would be my goal."

"So you know, there would just have to be a lot of things put in to place, and certainly my family would have to be comfortable with it," he added.

Source: Daily Caller

(Image from WWE All Stars video game.)


Re: Glen Jacobs Considers Run Against Lamar Alexander

Unfortunately, he will likely face the same criticism that was aimed at derailing Linda McMahon, that he was involved in raunchy, violent storylines. And Kane has plenty, including angles where he or his rival was set on fire or buried alive, and one involving necrophilia.

Re: Glen Jacobs Considers Run Against Lamar Alexander

Maybe, but pro wrestling is serious business in the South. He might be able to win.

Geaux Saints, Geaux Tigers, Geaux Pelicans. Solidarity for the Saints = No retreat, no surrender. 2013 = Saints' revenge on the NFL. Even through the darkest days, this fire burns always.

Re: Glen Jacobs Considers Run Against Lamar Alexander

Well, it wouldn't be the first time a wrestler got into politics.  Jesse Ventura had a popular term as governor of Minnesota for a while.  Also, comedic actors like Al Franken and Fred Grandy have gone on to have successful political careers.  So Jacobs would be in pretty good company, I think, should he run.

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