ESA: NPD Does a 'Disservice to the Industry' By Not Reporting Digital Sales

June 10, 2013 -

Entertainment Software Association (ESA) President Michael Gallagher said last night that retail research firm NPD is doing a grave disservice to the video games industry by not adequately covering digital sales in its monthly reporting.

"The digital side of the industry is not being adequately reported, understood or covered. I think we've seen the consequences of that over the last two years," said Gallagher.

Gallagher goes on to say that the monthly assessments don't give a full or accurate picture of the industry because as digital sales continue to rise, sales at traditional retail have flattened.

"Here's the aspiration: there are other industries that do this well and they enjoy the upside and downside of truthful numbers," said Gallagher. "I think the industry is better off if there's a standardized reporting mechanism that is seen as whole, and complete and truthful."

But to be fair to NPD, the research firm can't accurately gauge digital sales because some of the biggest players in the digital space - like Valve's Steam - do not provide data to the firm, nor do marketplaces related to consoles such as PlayStation, Wii and Xbox marketplaces.

Source: Joystiq



Re: ESA: NPD Does a 'Disservice to the Industry' By Not ...

Please correct me if I am wrong, but, the last time I checked, VALVe's Steam distribution service does not publicly report sales numbers. Considering they are the largest digital distribution platform for the PC, where does the ESA expect NPD to get the numbers from?

Papa Midnight

Re: ESA: NPD Does a 'Disservice to the Industry' By Not ...

Yeah, Gallagher is blaming the wrong party.  He needs to bemoan Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Valve, EA, GOG and everyone else for not voluntarily reporting their numbers to NPD like most of retail does.


Andrew Eisen

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