PS3 Game Streaming on PS4 in 2014

June 11, 2013 -

One of the issues some players have with transitioning to a fancy new console is leaving behind a massive library of games because newer systems tend not to support backwards compatibility. Sony's new console is no exception because it has abandoned its old architecture in favor of a new one that is completely different from what the PS3 uses.

But Sony has found a round-about way of allowing players to enjoy their old games on their new system - even though it will likely cost consumers a little extra money for the pleasure of playing those old games.

Sony plans to do this with a new service powered by video game streaming technology and cloud-based storage from Gaikai. The service will launch first in the United States and will offer a limited library of PS3 games to PS4 users sometime in early 2014. Later on down the road, Sony will roll it out in international markets, but not before enabling the service on PS Vita devices as well. PS Vita owners will also benefit from Gaikai technology by having the ability to stream PS4 titles on the device via wi-fi..

Sony is making good use of Gaikai's technology, which is paramount given that it spent $380 million for David Perry's company last year. Sony says that after its service launches it expects that the service will expand to other platforms later on down the road.

Further details on how much all of this will cost consumers is to be announced.


Re: PS3 Game Streaming on PS4 in 2014

While this is good, if it does cost extra money, I hope to see Sony fanboys freak the fuck out over it.

When it was announced that playing the Wii U versions of Wii Virtual Console games would cost a buck, they flipped out on Nintendo boards, claiming "Sony would NEVER do that!!!!"

To be clear, I have no problem with this.

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