Report: PS4 Not Region Locked

June 11, 2013 -

The good news keeps rolling in from Sony, it seems.

In a tweet responding to a question by games journalist Daniel Feit Sony Computer Entertainment's Brad Douglas said that SCEI has informed him that the PlayStation 4 would not be region locked. If true, that means that a consumer can purchase a game in Europe or Japan and play it in his North American-purchased PS4 (and vice-versa).



Hopefully this isn't one of those off-the-cuff Twitter conversations that later gets dialed back. Sony is proving that they seem to have all the right answers at E3 this year.

Thanks to Andrew Eisen for the tip.

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Re: Report: PS4 Not Region Locked

If this is true, then someone needs to pull Sony off of Microsoft as this beating is just getting brutal.

Re: Report: PS4 Not Region Locked

Well, if this is right, they are simply beating Microsoft into a pulp at this point. While the mass might be of two mind, every discerning gamer choosing between the two will likely pick a PS4, influencing tournaments, game publications, publishers, reviewers and so on. This is a blood bath.

Re: Report: PS4 Not Region Locked

It will probly be region locked like the PS3 where you get region combinations like Jp-US,JP-Eur but not Eur-US or vice versa.

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