Super Podcast Action Committee Live This Weekend - Come Join Us!

June 14, 2013 -

UPDATE2: We're dead!

No, we're not dead, we're just done.  Thanks to everyone for participating.  It was amazingly fun!

UPDATE1: We're live!

Original Story: This Saturday (June 15) at 1PM PT (that's 4PM ET) we will be hosting post-E3 spectacular to discuss all of the new that came out of the Electronic Entertainment Expo this week. We will discuss the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, the Wii U, used games, DRM and all of the inspirational and stupid things that executives and developers said this week.

We love doing the show every week but we think it is always better when you actively participate in it, so we want to give you some advanced notice! Come visit us on Google +, YouTube or right here on GamePolitics and join in on the conversation. We'll be monitoring all three locations (including the Shoutbox) and responding to your questions and comments in real-time. Isn't technology grand?

Look for a live feed of the show tomorrow right here on GamePolitics.


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Re: Super Podcast Action Committee Live This Weekend - Come ...

Destiny and the PS4 Part download looks hot

Re: Super Podcast Action Committee Live This Weekend - Come ...

Heck, I wish I was somebody cause I'd love to just talk on the show sometime. Soiunds like it'd be interesting.

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