Fez Creator Slams Microsoft

June 28, 2013 -

Fez creator Phil Fish has criticized former co-publishing partner Microsoft for doing what he considers "nothing" to help sell his game on Xbox Live Arcade. Fish took to Twitter yesterday to complain about Microsoft's lack of support for him and his game and gave no quarter in his harsh criticism:

"Microsoft was our publisher on X360, and they did nothing. No promotion, no festivals," wrote Fish in a Twitter stream earlier today. "Not a single mention in a newsletter or conference. They put us up on their shitty dashboard and somehow fuck that up too. They put us up on the game marketplace with no cover image."

"The file was missing for a whole week," he added. "The first week, the most important week. That's what we got from our publisher Microsoft Game Studios. When you went to buy Fez, there was just a big empty rectangle with a file missing icon in the middle, for a whole week."

The tweets from Fish were in response to reports that Microsoft has stopped charging developers $10,000 for patches or updates. In July 2012, a save rule corruption bug was discovered on Fez. At the time Fish refused to pay the minimum $10,000 charge levied by Microsoft required to implement a fix.

Microsoft confirmed to Polygon that the policy of automatically charging developers for resubmissions of games was scrapped way back in April of this year.

"Microsoft never told us anything about it," wrote Fish. "[I] will get in touch with them and see if their new policy is retro-active. But honestly, I feel it's kind of a long shot. Something tells me it won't be retroactive. You have no idea how much trouble I got into for talking about this and you never will so I'm pretty glad there's a happy ending here."

Last week Fish told Polygon that he would not be making Fez 2 for Xbox One.

Source: Polygon



Re: Fez Creator Slams Microsoft

Fez was such a damn fun game, too.  If this drives him to put Fez 2 on PC, so much the better.  I can't see myself getting a Bone.

Re: Fez Creator Slams Microsoft

Yeah, console development has always been expensive. Probably should make them for the PC first then use the funds for a console port (probably would have been pretty easy to port since he was using XNA), unless you are well funded (something Fish and Polygon do not seem to be).

Re: Fez Creator Slams Microsoft

You know, While he's complaints about the $10,000 patch price is valid. I can't help but remind everyone that he should have done the research into this matter. I'm pretty sure he was informed of this somewhere in his contract.

Re: Fez Creator Slams Microsoft

Fish strikes me as the kind of asshat who demands special treatment because he's overfed his ego.

The things he's said...

Re: Fez Creator Slams Microsoft

He probably just clicked Accept, Next, Next, Finish.

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