EA Pondering Offline Mode for SimCity

July 5, 2013 -

When EA launched its online-only, always-connected SimCity game earlier this year, they insisted that the game just wouldn't work without the ability to let the cloud have access to all the game's data and computations. But if that's the case, then why is EA asking people about the possibility of an offline SimCity game?

Not that we think it is a bad idea to offer offline play; we just wish they hadn't insisted that it was impossible. EA may add offline play and other features to SimCity as part of a future update for its world-building series, according to a customer survey that has surfaced on Reddit.

The survey solicits player feedback on potential upcoming features including farms, faster rebuilding after disasters, over and underpass roads, bigger cities, terraforming, cooperative city building with friends, and Classic mode. Classic Mode is described as allowing players to, "In offline or online mode, play a single, fully functioning city using cheats and unlocks that allow you to create your perfect city."

Likely EA will find that everyone wants Classic Mode to be a reality - probably above any other features mentioned on the aforementioned list...

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Re: EA Pondering Offline Mode for SimCity

Pondering is not the same thing as implementing.  EA should be called out on this.

Also, will offline mode let you build a city bigger than 2 square miles?  SimCity 2000, even with all of its bugs, is still the best version of the series, IMO.

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Re: EA Pondering Offline Mode for SimCity

What about your vision for an interconnected social network, Maxis?

Re: EA Pondering Offline Mode for SimCity

Somehow they worked out that I like to play offline. EA, GET OUT OF MY HEAD! What is this witchcraft?

Re: EA Pondering Offline Mode for SimCity

LOL, this is hilarious. Hackers have made a server emulator for simcity, proving that a server connection NEVER had anything to do with playability....

And better yet, since the server emulator runs on your own machine, you can never lose connection, never get kicked off, and have a better playing experience than provided by EA/Origin.

Re: EA Pondering Offline Mode for SimCity

*shrug* I doubt anyone claimed it was 'impossible', just that the game as written would not work, which is true.

And any game that is written a certain way can, if the engineering time is put in, be changed to work another way.

I see no inconsistancy in their original statements or them putting out feelers to see what the interest in a reworked version would be.

Re: EA Pondering Offline Mode for SimCity

Actually, hackers have found that the game will indeed work fine for up to a half an hour without connecting. The only part that won't work is saving. There's very little rewriting that needs to be done. (And frankly, EA blatantly lied about how they'd be doing cloud computing for the game.)

Re: EA Pondering Offline Mode for SimCity

Up to?

Longer than that once they took the explicit time limit out of the code.


Re: EA Pondering Offline Mode for SimCity

Of course they're "pondering" something they previously said was impossible.  They ALSO said, in order:

- The Wii U was an amazingly powerful system, and would get every one of EA's games.  This was stated at the announcement of the "unprecedented partnership" between EA and Nintendo.

- The Wii U was an underpowered nightmare of a system, and EA had no games in development for it.  This was announced after Nintendo told EA that Nintendo would NOT use Origin as its online system.

- EA has plenty of games in development, and that the Wii U could handle every game EA is currently developing.  This was stated after Crytek stated that Crysis 3 ran "beautifully" on the Wii U, and the Wii U version was dropped immediately before it would have went gold.  Also, this was after the Xbox One disaster.

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Re: EA Pondering Offline Mode for SimCity

Did I slip into some kind of bizarro world where EA is acting in the best interests of consumers?

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Re: EA Pondering Offline Mode for SimCity

Since they're just pondering it and haven't done it, not really no.

Re: EA Pondering Offline Mode for SimCity

Dont Ponder. JUST DO IT!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!! People Dont want games that are connected online all the time. MMOs are great and attract millions, but if they dont, they flounder and die and then what are we left with? a shelf full of software. Every game should have an offline mode, even MMOs. infact, I would love it if MMOs, near the end of their life, offered an offline mode for a one time fee of 40 bucks, that you can keep going on forever and coop with your friends. 

Re: EA Pondering Offline Mode for SimCity

This got me drooling at the idea of someday EvE shutting down and releasing a last gasp home server so small groups can still play.

Re: EA Pondering Offline Mode for SimCity

I doubt that'll work - griefing isn't nearly as fun when the other people know where you live.

Re: EA Pondering Offline Mode for SimCity

Yeah, but EvE without griefers could be a fascinating experince.  Many feel that griefing metagame has really held the emergent gameplay back.

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