Guild Wars 2 Gets Political With Upcoming Update

July 16, 2013 -

ArenaNet is getting ready to deploy an update that will create a political campaign in its popular online RPG Guild Wars 2. On July 23 it will release the "Cutthroat Politics" update which will let players choose between two candidates who want to fill a vacancy in the Captain's Council of Lion's Arch.

You'll find yourself choosing between one of two candidates hoping to earn the coveted seat on the Captain's Council of Lion's Arch. There's an old war hero named Ellen Kiel and on the other end of the spectrum is Evon Gnashblade, a very wealthy local merchant. Players will be able to use "support tokens" and coins to help determine who takes office. The mock election will run until August 5.

ArenaNet has set up a website for learning more about the candidates and further details about events related to the in-game political campaign here.

Source: Shacknews



Re: Guild Wars 2 Gets Political With Upcoming Update

Vote Gnashblade!

The Black Lion Trading Company is run by a Charr leader, and it's a successful business. The strongest army in the game consists of the Charr legions, powerful enough that they're killing -ghosts-.

Who better to lead the city that a Charr? :3

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