Super Podcast Action Committee - Episode 63

August 5, 2013 -

On this week's show hosts Andrew Eisen and E. Zachary Knight talk about the latest Tropes v. Women video, the Boob Jam, Australia's plan to make all upcoming consoles region free, the Xbox One's ability to stay on for ten years, the new community-policed Xbox Live system, and a whole lot more. Download Episode 63 now: SuperPAC Episode 63 (1 hour, 13 minute) 56.7 MB.

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Re: Super Podcast Action Committee - Episode 63

A listener just informed me on Twitter that you can save on the overworld map in Final Fantasy 9. You have to press the square button to summon a moogle who will save for you.

I think this was bad design as it strayed from the common save option in the menu that I believe every other Final Fantasy game had until that time. It was also somewhat hidden. You were told once how to do it but it was never reinforced as far as I can tell and there is nothing in game that I have found that tells you how to do it. The game just assumes that you remember.

Re: Super Podcast Action Committee - Episode 63

Your intermission music comes on after you have come back on the air.

 - W

Consumer responsibility is just as important as Corporate responsibility. So, be responsible consumers.

Re: Super Podcast Action Committee - Episode 63

Can you give me a timestamp or an approximation?


Andrew Eisen

Re: Super Podcast Action Committee - Episode 63

The break beginning at 00:41:42 and ending 00:42:05, the break music begins few seconds after you return from break to talk about The Boob Jam (mostly during Zachary's explanation of a game jam), probably about 5 - 7 second after the end of the break.

Also the break that begins at 00:57:00 and ends 00:57:23, the music begins at 00:57:32.


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