Introversion Humble Weekly Bundle Launches

August 8, 2013 -

A brand new Humble Weekly Bundle launches today, offering four games from Introversion Games. The Introversion Games Humble Weekly Bundle features the hacking game Uplink (also available on Android); real-time strategy game Darwinia and its multiplayer counterpart Multiwinia: Survival of the Flattest; and the Cold War-era strategy war game  Defcon.

The bundle also offers extras like the Voxel Tech Demo (Windows only), the City Generator Tech Demo (Windows only), and source code access to Uplink, Darwinia, Multiwinia, and Defcon.

You can get all of those Introversion offerings for the average price of $6.21 (currently), but if you are willing to pay around $20, you can also get "early access" to Introversion's latest game Prison Architect.

All of the games (except the tech demos) are available for Mac, Linux, and Windows, and are DRM-free.

You can get in on the action by visiting



Re: Introversion Humble Weekly Bundle Launches

The only game I don't have from this bundle is Prison Architect. However, $20 is just a bit out of my spending budget at the moment.

Re: Introversion Humble Weekly Bundle Launches

While I'm glad to see Introversion getting more press, I'm also disappointed that this bundle is pretty much an exact copy of the earlier Introversion Bundle from a while back. The only differences are the source code access and Prison Architect (which obviously wasn't being developed at the time of the original bundle).

Still, if you haven't gotten any of the games from them before, this is a great opportunity.

Re: Introversion Humble Weekly Bundle Launches

The previous bundle you are thinking about actually did have access to the source code to those games. If you had previously bought the bundle, you would have to go to it's individual bundle page and it'd be right above the pie chart and under the downloads.

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Re: Introversion Humble Weekly Bundle Launches

By jove you're right! Just rechecked my old HIB email and looked and it was indeed down below all the keys!

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