Report: 12GB Flash-Based PS3 Coming to North America

August 14, 2013 - GamePolitics Staff

Engadget is reporting that a 12 GB flash-based PlayStation 3 retail SKU is set to hit North American markets on August 18. The story first surfaced when Engadget spotted a flyer from Canada's Future Shop showing off the 12 GB PS3 for $199. The 12 GB PS3 was released in Europe last October, but never made its way to North America.

The report that these SKUs are making their way into various provinces in Canada (according to sources speaking to Engadget) reinforces a report by earlier in the month by PlayStation Lifestyle.

Engadget also obtained a picture of the 12GB PlayStation 3 in a Kmart stockroom somewhere in the United States (we assume it was sent in by an employee) with a sticker that reads "Do not sell or display prior to 08/18/2013."

So it looks like this new SKU is going to hit retail outlets officially on August 18. We expect that Sony will confirm or deny this news at some point before all this happens. Stay tuned.

Source: Engadget



Re: Report: 12GB Flash-Based PS3 Coming to North America

12GB. Lol. Thats way too small, youll be able to play, what, one game that needs an install at a time?

I clean my install games out regularly and  have 120GB. 12GB... ouch.

Re: Report: 12GB Flash-Based PS3 Coming to North America

Key term in the article: "Flash-based." Also known as a solid-state drive. Typically a faster read time, no moving parts involved, but much less memory per $ cost. But it's usually a factor of 1/4-1/2 the memory at the same cost, so this still seems quite low, considering you can get a 250GB PS3 for ~$250 these days. Perhaps if this were like the PS4 and allowed play while installing, it might make sense... As it is, I'm not quite sure who this is supposed to appeal to.

Re: Report: 12GB Flash-Based PS3 Coming to North America

People that see it and think "wow, its under AMOUNT HERE" and get it. Then find out it isnt enough room, and have to buy a HD (Sony sell an official one in the UK, for extra cost of course)


Its like the Vita with 10 game mega pack they released. It comes with an 8GB memory card and download codes for the games. Urgh!

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