Three More Executives Exit Zynga

August 14, 2013 - GamePolitics Staff

In an email sent to Zynga staff and published on the company's official blog, CEO Don Mattrick revealed that three more executives have left the social game maker for greener pastures. The three departing executives are Cadir Lee, Colleen McCreary, and David Ko, who are leaving the company "to pursue other interests," according to Mattrick.

Mattrick also said that the company is "taking layers out of the executive rank to get senior leaders closer to important product initiatives," and later listed those new layers - and who would be in charge of what going forward.

"Our studios leaders include Steve Chiang EVP Games, Villes and International, Barry Cottle, EVP Games, Social Casino, Travis Boatman, SVP Games, With Friends and Network, Tim LeTourneau, SVP Games, FarmVille, Steve Parkis, SVP Games, Midcore, Mark Skaggs, SVP Games, and Jon Tien, SVP Games, Casual.

Tech, live ops and publishing includes Nick Tornow, CTO, VP, Dorion Carroll, CIO, VP, and Adam Sussman, SVP Game Publishing (which includes distribution, direct advertising sales and ops).

Our functional area leaders are Reggie Davis, General Counsel, EVP Legal, Corporate and Business Affairs (which includes Corporate and Business Development and Communications), Mark Vranesh, CFO, EVP, and Meg Makalou, VP Human Resources.

These leaders will report to me and form our new executive team with immediate effect.

Mattrick joined Zynga as its CEO in July.

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Re: Three More Executives Exit Zynga

Only people joining Zynga right now are deluded developers who are toxic. It would be funny if Adam Orth joined Zynga. We haven't seen him since his rant with a (Go figure) Bioware employee about how we'd have to 'deal with it' for always on got him ousted. Man the new face of Bioware is always in the middle of a public relations disaster in the gaming community whether they were mentioned or not its like they are always involved in finding ways to screw over the customer. I bet the Bioware employee chating with adam orth on twitter got a promotion.
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