Nintendo Announces Budget Priced 2DS

August 28, 2013 - GamePolitics Staff

Nintendo announced today a budget-minded 3DS system that eschews the "3D" aspects of the hand-held to make it cheaper for those who want one without the high cost of entry. The new system is called the 2DS and has the same functionality as the 3DS sans the 3D slider, 3D effects that come along with it, and the clam shell design.

The 2DS features the two screens of the 3DS but is no longer hinged, meaning that it is a bit bigger than the 3DS when it is closed. It features a tablet style design, two cameras, the ability to play 3DS and DS games, SD card support, and a much lower price point than the 3DS.

The 3DS currently retails for $170, but the 2DS will be about $40 cheaper at a price point of $130.

The system will launch alongside Pokemon X and Y on October 12. It will come in two colors: red and blue.


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Re: Nintendo Announces Budget Priced 2DS

As a long time Gameboy fan and a parent of 5 young kids who love handheld gaming, I am certainly the target for this device. I have had a DS for a couple of years and it always makes me cringe when my kids play it because they really stress the hinges. That and the price were two main reasons why I have not upgraded to the 3DS. The 2DS puts that generational upgrade right in my reach.

Also, Gamasutra has a good editorial on why this is a great idea.

Re: Nintendo Announces Budget Priced 2DS

No only no but oh hell no. I'd rather go for a cheaper XL tho.

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Re: Nintendo Announces Budget Priced 2DS

When I first started reading, I was all "Man, I should have waited!  I hate the 3D and leave it off anyway!"  But then I saw that it no longer folds?  Yeah, um...  I guess I'll keep my 3DS after all...  >.>

Re: Nintendo Announces Budget Priced 2DS


Re: Nintendo Announces Budget Priced 2DS

No one would be complaining if they designed it to look like an old-school, VHS-tape sized Gameboy.

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Re: Nintendo Announces Budget Priced 2DS

at least Nintendo didn't get rid the game slot like Sony did regarding the PSP Go

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Re: Nintendo Announces Budget Priced 2DS

Of course, the games are still $30 - $40.


Andrew Eisen

Re: Nintendo Announces Budget Priced 2DS

Huh.  If I hadn't already bought a 3ds earlier this year, a cheaper non-3d model would be exactly the kind of thing I'd go for... but losing the folding design is a deal breaker.  If I can't fit it in my pocket, it's no longer portable as far as I'm concerned.

Re: Nintendo Announces Budget Priced 2DS

Seconded... I LIKED the fold up hinge design. Not only Did the fold up design make it easy to fit the handheld device in my pocket but i also liked keeping the hinge at a 30 degree angle when i play. It was more comfortable... plus looking at how they placed the buttons, i can't help but think that it will not be as comfortable to play.

I've been thinking of picking up a 3DS, but i knew right away that i would mostly keep the 3D off. Give me the 2DS but keep the old design. Also need an XL version.

Re: Nintendo Announces Budget Priced 2DS

I can understand giving up the 3D aspect, but why the clamshell design? That part's a winner in my mind - it helps keep the screens clear of dust, and it makes it more easily portable. I can imagine it being a bit cheaper to produce without that, but I don't see it as a worthwhile tradeoff.

Re: Nintendo Announces Budget Priced 2DS

Based on the descriptions and marketing of the 2DS, they got rid of the clamshell to make it less prone to breakage when little kids drop the blasted thing.

Re: Nintendo Announces Budget Priced 2DS

Well fraid that's true... Only reason i started thinking about buying a 3DS is because i finally broke my DS hinge when i dropped it. However i STILL prefer the clamshell; though their is a bit of risk of breaking it is very much worth the convenience. Something that can fit in my pocket is much more portable, plus i liked keeping the screen at a slight angle when i played as i found it more comfortable.

Re: Nintendo Announces Budget Priced 2DS

Makes sense. And also, according to this story (HT Andrew Eisen in the shoutbox) it's apparently a cost-saving measure, as it allows Nintendo to only use one big screen for both displays.

Re: Nintendo Announces Budget Priced 2DS

That thing just looks goofy as hell.

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