GTA V Wii U Petition Gets No Love

September 16, 2013 - GamePolitics Staff

While the petition to bring Grand Theft Auto to the PC has gotten plenty of media attention and a fair share of signatures (over 365,000 so far as of this morning) another petition on isn't getting as much love. As Andrew Eisen pointed out this morning, the petition to bring Grand Theft Auto V to the Wii U has only managed to garner 4,313 signatures of the 20,000 it needs to be sent off to Rockstar Games. The petition has been online since 2012.

From the appeal on the petition to Rockstar Games / Take-Two Interactive:

"Nintendo's Fans have always wanted a Grand Theft Auto on a Nintendo Console, There was a Grand Theft Auto-Chinatown Wars Game for the DS. The DS Graphic Quality was not too good for GTA and ruined it, but now they're saying they might not release GTA V for Wii U. Which All Nintendo Fans would like, since it'll be HD and open world and just what we need to lift up sales!"

The petition's main appeal to Rockstar Games is as follows:

"Release Grand Theft Auto V for Wii U. We understand any 1-2 month delays you might need to fix or do anything you need to. We just want to make sure we get the game, but it'd be very much more appreciated if it would release simultaneously with other consoles."

Clearly the whole "simultaneous release" with other platforms isn't happening...

Anyway, if you are interested in signing onto this petition you can do so here.



Re: GTA V Wii U Petition Gets No Love

Poor Nintendo  they are stuck in the middle of this horrendous  catch-22.  No one buys the console because  there are no games.  3rd parties won't  make games because  nobody has bought  the console.

Re: GTA V Wii U Petition Gets No Love

One of my Twitter followers claims a Wii U port is unlikely due to the Wii U's PowerPC architecture.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Xbox 360 PowerPC?  And isn't the PS3 Cell based on that architecture?


Andrew Eisen

Re: GTA V Wii U Petition Gets No Love

All three are derived from the same basic architecture, so yeah.  I could see saying that a port was unlikely because of the specific variant WiiU uses since making engines work well with any particular processor can be a headache,... but that only means the problem is the three are different enough that it takes work to port the middleware.

Re: GTA V Wii U Petition Gets No Love

1-2 months to port, hahaha, that petition makes me laugh so hard.

Re: GTA V Wii U Petition Gets No Love

Keep in mind that was written a year ago.  It's not saying a port would take 1-2 months, only that, if Rockstar started "now" (meaning back in 2012), the undersigned would still understand if it came out a couple months after the PS3/360 versions.


Andrew Eisen

Re: GTA V Wii U Petition Gets No Love

Fair enough. It still makes me chuckle though. 

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