Wii Fit U a Free Download... Sort Of

September 18, 2013 - GamePolitics Staff

The original Wii fit sold over 22.67 million copies and Wii Fit Plus sold 20.86 million copies, so it comes as a bit of a shock that Nintendo will give Wii Fit U for free on November 1 as a digital download. There are a few catches, of course.

First, you'll need to already own the Wii Fit Balance Board peripheral. You'll also have to have an Internet connection (to download it). Finally, you can download and use it for a month, but after that you'll have to purchase a $20 Fit Meter and sync it with the game to keep the full version. The full Wii Fit U software will be downloadable from the Nintendo eShop between November 1, 2013 and January 31, 2014.

Of course, if all of that is just too complicated for you, you can simply buy the game packaged with the Fit Meter when it releases for $50 on December 13. You could also buy the $90 bundle that features the game, the Fit Meter and the balance board. A "full-priced" digital version will also launch on February 1, 2014. The Fit Meter accessory is described as an "activity meter" that records steps taken, intensity of steps, and altitude. The data collected from the device is used to calculate calories burned and can be transferred wirelessly to Wii Fit U using the GamePad.

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Re: Wii Fit U a Free Download... Sort Of

Does the Wii U use the same board as the Wii?  I assume probably not.

Re: Wii Fit U a Free Download... Sort Of

All Wii accessories are usable on the Wii U. That includes the Wii Remotes, the Motion+, the classic controller and the balance board. I would assume that even the uDraw tablet would work if a Wii U game required it.

Re: Wii Fit U a Free Download... Sort Of

You mean, the balance board?  Yeah, it does.

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Re: Wii Fit U a Free Download... Sort Of

I've got to hand it to Nintendo, sometimes it does some very smart things (although the pricing of Wii Sports Club is obnoxious).

Still, I find it odd that the Fit Meter communicates via IR.  I would have expected at least NFC.


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Re: Wii Fit U a Free Download... Sort Of

Nin really needs to dump the IR gadgets and move to wireless.

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Re: Wii Fit U a Free Download... Sort Of

IR is probably a good deal cheaper than NFC I would believe.  They have had that set up in so many things before including the earlier version of this device which was with Pokemon and Personal Trainer Walking for DS so they are familiar with using it.  This would also make it work with a 3DS title should Nintendo or a developer want to implement it.  :)  I'm curious how power consumption would be as well with NFC vs IR.  They made this thing to last a pretty long amount of time.

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Re: Wii Fit U a Free Download... Sort Of

Oh, I've no doubt price is the reason.  I just feel it's odd that Nintendo made an NFC reader and did nothing with it (Wii Fit U and the Fit Meter was demoed long before Pokemon Rumble U came around and it's still the only thing that uses it.  And there's been nothing else announced).


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