Nintendo: No More Wii Production for Japan

October 1, 2013 - GamePolitics Staff

Nintendo revealed that it is finally winding down production of its popular Wii console in Japan. Last year the company said that it had stopped making games for the platform. Speaking to Eurogamer, a Nintendo of Europe representative noted that the company's Japanese parent company will stop making new Wii systems in the near future.

Eurogamer contacted the company in response to a message it saw on the company's Japanese website concerning production of the Wii. The rep did say that the company will likely continue making Wii consoles for other regions.

"This specific message was referring to the Japanese market," the representative said in regards to a notice on Nintendo's Japanese site. "No specific time frame has been stated yet. We have made no specific announcements for Europe regarding Wii production."

Nintendo launched the Wii in 2006 and has sold more than 100 million units to date globally.

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Re: Nintendo: No More Wii Production for Japan

The little console that could. Sayonara, Nintendo Wii.

Re: Nintendo: No More Wii Production for Japan

The Wii is an example of good marketing and what going the extra mile in marketing can do. Sadly the WiiU it was like they didn't even try selling the public on it

Re: Nintendo: No More Wii Production for Japan

Eh, I'd write that up for the lack of first party titles to pair it with. I think it'll gain ground once it gets more than an HD remake of a game, though that has helped sales.

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