Operation Supply Drop Declares Mission Accomplished on 'Kentucky Windage' Supply Drop for Special Forces

October 14, 2013 - GamePolitics Staff

Gaming charity Operation Supply Drop has successfully delivered a care package to a Special Forces team in Afghanistan as part of its ongoing efforts to deliver video games and fun to soldiers deployed in various combat zones around the world. The "Kentucky Windage" supply drop contained $4300 in video games, systems, peripherals and a High School Musical branded microphone for Guitar Hero (we assume this was a special request from someone).

One of the Special Forces soldiers in the unit sent a picture of his squad (faces blurred due to operational security) posing next to the supply drop and one known only as "Winston" offered his thanks to the group:

"We got the package, it took a while to get out to our site but it made it. Once it gets to our main site it takes another week to two weeks to get out to us, most of my guys are out right now so I got a smaller picture this time. We all thank you greatly and appreciate all the donors and sponsors. LOS VALIENTES!"

The Supply Drop was made possible by donations from Havok, Spicy Horse, ManCrates, Kontrolfreek, Wizards of the Coast, Sega, Performance Designed Products (PDP), Kalypso, Plantronics, RAD Game Tools, Valve, Ubisoft, Activision, Capcom, Electronic Arts, Insomniac Games, Konami, Double Fine, Deep Silver, Runic Games, Tripwire Interactive, Robot Entertainment, and Ronimo Games.

Operation Supply Drop also reminded the community that its annual 24-hour video game marathon fundraising and donation drive, the "8-Bit Salute" to Veterans, happens on Veterans Day weekend, November 9th. The group hopes to raise more than last year's high score of $58,000 (in games and gear raised) for the troops.

You can get involved in that by visiting OperationSupplyDrop.org.

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