Ouya Coming to All Target Stores Later This Month

October 24, 2013 - GamePolitics Staff

The Android-based Ouya micro-console will soon be making its way to all Target stores this month. Beginning later this month the console will make its way to the U.S. retailer with a major promotional deal and with some stores offering kiosks so consumers can try the system out.

The Ouya launched at several major retailers this year including GameStop, Best Buy, and Target, but only in select store locations. Target will be the first retail chain to sell the Ouya in all its 1,800 locations. After the system is rolled out, Ouya and Target will work together on promotional vehicles such as in-store ads and a gift card bundled with the purchase of the system. At the beginning of next year Target will offer Ouya demo kiosks in some stores.

The Ouya will also be launching in parts of Europe and the Middle East at the end of October.

CEO Julie Uhrman said that she is currently in talks with Wal-Mart and hoping to announce some sort of partnership with the retailer "soon."

Source: The Verge



Re: Ouya Coming to All Target Stores Later This Month

Had one in my hand this morning when we swung by Target for $99 with another controller being sold for $49.  First time that I have seen one in person...but still didn't really feel like getting one.  It was tucked back in a corner by the PC games.  No signs, just happened to see it while going over to look at 3DS games lol.

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Re: Ouya Coming to All Target Stores Later This Month

According to my brother, they are already showing up. He has seen their displays near the PC game section. I will have to check it out next time I go.

Re: Ouya Coming to All Target Stores Later This Month

Probably just a marketing rollout like normal items, since it's not a release day thing.

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