Report: Ouya 2.0 Coming in 2014

October 25, 2013 - GamePolitics Staff

Polygon offers and in-depth feature on the future of the Ouya Android-based micro-console where it is revealed that plans for the "Ouya 2.0" are already underway. The new version of the console is still in the conception phase. Right now the company is quietly replacing the old controller that many consumers did not like with a new one featuring many improvements including "more textured thumbsticks, improved action buttons tweaked to ensure they won't stick when depressed and they even tightened the triggers," according to Polygon.

"The feel of the controller today is actually probably a lot better then in June," CEO Julie Uhrman told the publication. "Our goal is to build a great controller. We wanted to build something that was ergonomic, that had great weight, that had a great feel, that offered developers a different way to develop games by including a touch pad in the design.

One of the caveats to "quietly replacing some controllers" that ship with the system is that some consumers will get them and others won't. Being that some of the original controllers have problems, this may make some consumers who don't get the new design feel a little but ripped-off. But Urhman insisted that this is a regular industry practice. She added that when consumers contact the company and report problems with their Ouya controller they usually replace them free of charge anyway.

Polygon's report goes on to say that work on "Ouya 2.0" will begin early next year, though what that will mean to the platform is still up in the air. Uhrman says that the changes to the system have to be balanced between consumer desire for features and not fragmenting the existing ecosystem for developers so they can maintain backwards compatibility. The new system will likely feature changes to the software within the box and possibly the look and feel of the box itself, but right now Uhrman is not prepared to say just how Ouya 2.0 might be different from the system available now, or if this new system will co-exist beside the original Ouya or replace it.

Check out Polygon's in-depth report to learn more about the new system.

Source: Polygon


Re: Report: Ouya 2.0 Coming in 2014

Umm, I remember my Xbox box clearly stating that it came with the S controller, not the Duke. As well as nintendo parading around the Motion Plus Dongle and the the Wiimote Plus.  So I'm calling bullshit on ninjaing controllers thing.

Re: Report: Ouya 2.0 Coming in 2014

She isn't talking about complete redesigns. She is talking about incremental updates and fixes. No company completely recalls current controllers to replace them with ones that have "tightened triggers."

Re: Report: Ouya 2.0 Coming in 2014

The whole S controller thing pissed me off.  Long live the Duke!  That thing felt great in my hands (my hands are not "S" ;).

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