Valve: Steam Has Over 64 Million Registered User Accounts

October 30, 2013 - GamePolitics Staff

If you laughed when Valve introduced its new Steam OS, Steam-based hardware and a controller along with it, then you'll understand why the company thinks it can take up space in gamers' living rooms alongside current and next generation consoles when you hear how many people in the world have Steam accounts. According to an announcement made today, Valve's digital distribution platform and soon-to-be living room entertainment destination has over 65 million registered user accounts worldwide. Those new registered user stats represent a 30 percent year-over-year increase in numbers.

"The main goal of Steam has always been to increase the quality of the user's experience by reducing the distance between content creators and their audience," said Gabe Newell, co-founder and president of Valve. "As the platform grows, our job is to adapt to the changing needs of both the development and user communities. In the coming year, we plan to make perhaps our most significant collaborations with both communities through the Steam Dev Days and the Steam Machines beta."

At the beginning of next year Valve plans to bring its new controller, game-focused Linux-based operating system and hardware from third-party vendors in to living rooms around the world. Whether having a box in the living room connected to high definition television sets will disrupt the ecosystem usually dominated by console systems remains to be seen...

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Re: Valve: Steam Has Over 64 Million Registered User Accounts

I was forced to go to Steam with Empire: Total War but after getting on the service I never went back to getting games that are not on Steam! It's a great service if somehow they can stream games that require you not to have a high end pc or even a low end they'd make a killing.

Re: Valve: Steam Has Over 64 Million Registered User Accounts

My wife has a registered user account, only has one game on said account, and hasn't logged in in years.

As such, she's a prime example for why this particular statistic is complete BS if you don't have to pay real money to create the account.

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Re: Valve: Steam Has Over 64 Million Registered User Accounts

Or that I've got 2 of those accounts. (276ish games on the main and about 30 on the guest account.) I can't be the only one. ;)


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