EA Acknowledges FIFA 14 Xbox One Bugs, Promises Update Today

November 22, 2013 - GamePolitics Staff

Electronic Arts has acknowledged several bugs that are plaguing the Xbox One version of FIFA 14, which it vows to adress with an update later today. The first is a bug where using a second controller to navigate the bootflow when FIFA 14 is loading will result in a game crash. Until the bug is fixed, EA recommends that players use the first controller to navigate the bootflow and then activate the second controller when at the main menu of the game.

The second bug is a bootflow issue, where if you leave the Xbox One inactive until it 'sleeps' on the title screen in the Xbox One bootflow, you will not be able to access any online features when returning from an unsuspended state.

EA advises that players don't suspend the console when on the title screen. If you do, it recommends that you restart the Xbox One.

Looking further ahead, EA said it had identified other next-gen-related issues it intends to tackle with an update. They are:

- FIFA fans cannot join Friends Only matches via a friend's profile (PS4 Only). You should: Accept the invite from the user when it comes through and you will be able to join the match properly.

- Title crash in Co-Op seasons if the captain is using a custom formation and the non-captain does not have any custom formations (XB1 Only). You should: Make sure you have the same amount of custom formations as your teammate, or not use them.

- The 'Seasons Win' item in the EA SPORTS FC catalogue will not be properly received if gifted to a friend. (BOTH PS4/XB1) You should: Hold off on gifting this item until the upcoming title update.

- Compatibility improvements with Xbox voice commands (XB1 Only).

- When playing as a GK in Pro Clubs, you will have no way of changing the camera off of the 'End To End' camera (XB1 Only).

Source: Eurogamer


Re: EA Acknowledges FIFA 14 Xbox One Bugs, Promises Update Today

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Re: EA Acknowledges FIFA 14 Xbox One Bugs, Promises Update Today

Im soooooo glad i am boycotting EA. So glad.

Re: EA Acknowledges FIFA 14 Xbox One Bugs, Promises Update Today

Any self-respecting person would be.

Of course, most videogamers will gladly bend over for their fix.

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