World of Warcraft Lead System Designer Leaves Company

November 29, 2013 - GamePolitics Staff

World of Warcraft Lead System Designer Greg Street has left Blizzard this week, according to this Polygon report. Street confirmed the news on his Facebook account, saying that he was moving on for a new and exciting opportunity elsewhere.

"I have been at Blizzard Entertainment for almost six years," he announced in a statement on Facebook. "It has been epic and I have made many friends around the world and I have learned so much. But, I have a great opportunity for something new and exciting, and sadly it is time to move on."

Street added later on Twitter that his departure will not affect World of Warcraft's ongoing development as the team makes design decisions based on "consensus and collaboration."

Prior to joining Blizzard Entertainment six years ago, Street spent nearly 10 years as a lead designer at Ensemble Studios helping to develop the Age of Empires franchise.

Source: Polygon


Re: World of Warcraft Lead System Designer Leaves Company

The damage of his decisions has already been done, I hope Tom Chilton isn't far behind.

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