Operation Ninja S.T.A.R. Seeks Funding to Invalidate Treehouse Avatar Patent

December 10, 2013 - James Fudge

Inspired by the software patent trolling efforts of patent house Treehouse Avatar Technologies, a new IndieGoGo campaign launched today seeks to raise funds for a project that will ultimately help the little guy. The project is called Operation Ninja S.T.A.R., and seeks to raise $17,500 to closely examine a patent owned by Treehouse Avatar Technologies to see if there is any evidence that the invention existed prior to the patent application. Their ultimate goal is to render the patent invalid. The patent in question, U.S. 8,180,858 covers technology behind assigning characteristics to gaming avatars.

The project was put together by Article One Partners, who have the crowd-sourcing resources and experience with researching software patents for over the last five years.

If the project can raise the needed funds, they will be able to use those resources to identify patent evidence; put a team of analysts on to the task of reviewing any evidence they uncover; add the most pertinent evidence to a database; make that database available to those threatened by Treehouse for free; and give a free consultation to developers (with Article One founder and patent attorney Cheryl Milone) on how best to proceed with the evidence uncovered through the project.

If you like this idea, you can find out more about the IndieGoGo campaign here. Indie developers need all the help they can get when it comes to patent trolling and the abuses of the currently questionable software patent system. Check out the video to your left for more details.


Re: Operation Ninja S.T.A.R. Seeks Funding to Invalidate ...

If someone like EA, MS, or Sony wanted to really show the world that they cared, they would drop 25K to this project, over fund it, and then spread it like viral media. The advertising they would get in return would be absolutely invaluable.

hint, hint, hint.

Patents are a part of life, and a part of doing business. They serve a very good purpose, and the big players know that. But trolls need to die.

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