Poll Results: Are Game Companies Lying About Knowledge of NSA Spying Activites?

December 16, 2013 - GamePolitics Staff

Last week we asked our readers, "Do Publishers Know the NSA Is Conducting Surveillance Operations In Their Games?" An overwhelming majority of voters believe that publishers are lying about their knowledge of the NSA's activities in games like World of Warcraft and Second Life, or they are blissfully unaware of what's going on. Either way, the poll shows that our readers are pretty cynical when it comes to big gaming corporations cooperating with the government in spying on the activities of its players.

Around 294 votes were cast, with 53 percent saying that some companies are lying about their knowledge of spying activities or are unaware. Around 31 percent believe that companies know about the surveillance activity and are lying about it. Around nine percent say the NSA is conducting these operations without their knowledge or permission, while seven percent says that no one is conducting surveillance ops in video games.

Thanks to everyone who voted in last week's poll. Since Andrew Eisen is on vacation in the great state of Kentucky, there was no discussion on the podcast because it is on hiatus this week. Look for a new poll later in the week.


Re: Poll Results: Are Game Companies Lying Knowledge of NSA ...

Of course they are. Do you know just how much hot water they would be with consumers if we knew? Despite the fact we all know already? I mean we DO know this, right?


Consumer responsibility is just as important as Corporate responsibility. So, be responsible consumers.

Re: Poll Results: Are Game Companies Lying Knowledge of NSA ...

The Xbox One is literally a surveillance camera for the Obama Administration that has upheld this practice. Even with today's ruling against the NSA brought against the NSA by two former member of the Bush Adminstration the NSA says it will keeping doing what they do even if congress makes a law forbidding them.

Re: Poll Results: Are Game Companies Lying Knowledge of NSA ...

Um, considering that the Xbox One is perfectly capable of functioning without the camera connected...

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