Canada's Military Considering Using Video Games in the Future For Training

December 23, 2013 - GamePolitics Staff

A brief report in the Canadian Press reveals that the Canadian military is keen to start using video games and video-game related simulations in the future to train its soldiers. In fact, officials say that games like Call of Duty will play an "increasing role in its training in the future."

Canada’s military is examining how "computer-generated scenarios" can supplement traditional training methods and would likely use them in "mission rehearsals."

The head of special forces, Brigadier-General Denis Thompson, tells the publication that it is something "being seriously looked at, but it wouldn’t replace traditional military drills." Currently troops carry out rehearsals prior to almost every major operation, to test the strengths and weaknesses of battle plans - a practice that has been in place since World War I.

Source: Canadian Press

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