Rockstar Tells Honest GTA Online Players Not to Worry About Money Hack Issues

December 27, 2013 - GamePolitics Staff

Rockstar is calming Grand Theft Auto players down who are concerned that they may get their accounts banned through no fault of their own. The fear stems from GTA Online money hackers who are giving away large sums of (we assume ill-gotten) in-game currency to strangers, making them vulnerable to a ban by Rockstar.

Rockstar's position is that honest players do not need to be worried about getting banned.

Here's more from Rockstar's support page for the game:

Question: I was minding my own business and suddenly received a huge amount of money in GTA Online from a cheater. Am I in trouble?

Answer: To keep the gameplay environment as fair as possible for legitimate players, we routinely do sweeps to separate out cheaters and modders, and to reverse any illegitimate transactions. These sweeps are based on in-game automated detection, examination of suspicious gameplay statistics, and also manually-reviewed evidence submitted by the Community. If you were not engaged in any willful cheating or exploiting yourself, you do not need to worry about getting caught up in our work to separate out cheaters from the rest of the population.

Source: Kotaku


Re: Rockstar Tells Honest GTA Online Players Not to Worry ...

Well that is good.

It sounds like the cheaters were trying to smear mud on Rockstar and get legitimate players banned. Yet another reason that cheaters should be perma-banned with no refund for the game.

I may be crazy, but I am not insane.

Re: Rockstar Tells Honest GTA Online Players Not to Worry ...

No argument here, especially with how often a map degenerates into "Fuck you for being another player!" "Oh hey, another player = free car!"

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