Sony Shutting Down Online Multiplayer for Multiple PS3 Titles in Early 2014

December 27, 2013 - GamePolitics Staff

Sony has announced that it will be pulling the plug on online support for several PlayStation 3 games in early 2014. Online multiplayer for Gran Turismo 5 will end on May 20, 2014. Online multiplayer for the Resistance franchise (Resistance: Fall of Man, Resistance 2, and Resistance 3) on PlayStation 3 will be shut down on March 28. On January 28, 2014, online play for MAG, SOCOM: Special Forces and SOCOM: Confrontation will also be discontinued, effectively making these games cease to exist (because they are online-only titles).

"After these dates, you will still be able to play these games offline, with the exception of MAG and SOCOM: Confrontation, which do not have offline modes," Sony noted in an update. "We would like to thank everyone who has taken part in these PlayStation online communities and hope you enjoyed them."

Source: Joystiq


Re: Sony Shutting Down Online Multiplayer for Multiple PS3 ...

Lets be honest, is anyone surprised?

GT 5 was released in 2010

Resistance Fall of Man in 2006

Resistance 2 in 2008

Resistance 3 in 2011

MAG in 2011

SOCOM: Special Forces in 2011

SOCOM: Confrontation in 2008

These aren't relatively new games, nor are the games with popular multiplayers that are worthy of having a Halo 2 length of 6 years. 

Re: Sony Shutting Down Online Multiplayer for Multiple PS3 ...

That's what you get for buying a console.

Re: Sony Shutting Down Online Multiplayer for Multiple PS3 ...

Try finding an Unreal Tournament or Battlefield 1942 server.


Seriously ,that "PC Master Race" crap is just asinine.

Re: Sony Shutting Down Online Multiplayer for Multiple PS3 ...

Well, not if you approach it with the expectation of a limited life-cycle or for single player games. I'm hardly broken up that I only got X amount of (very enjoyable) years out of my Atari 2600 or original Playstation. And remember that PC gaming isn't immune to this. Anything that requires Steam/Origin/Uplay/et al, doesn't have dedicated servers or P2P... it's all the same - if the service stops then so does your game.

That aside, I think maybe publishers should be obliged to put a warning on the box of their games the minimum of how long multiplayer or online components will be supported (i.e. the year they intend to cease support). That way a buyer can clearly see, "Oh, this game's online features are only guaranteed support to 2018? Nah, I'll pass."

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