GTA V Within Striking Distance of Becoming the 'Best Selling Game of All Time'

January 2, 2014 - GamePolitics Staff

Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto V has sold more than 3.6 million copies in the UK, according to CVG, and is poised to take the crown for the best-selling game of all time.

The game generated $800 million in worldwide sales in a single day at launch, with revenues reaching $1 billion after just three days at retail. By the time early November rolled around, Grand Theft Auto V was on its way to becoming the best-selling console game of all time, with about 29 million copies sold into retail.

Future sales are expected to be driven by the release of additional DLC and the long-rumored PC version of the game.

Currently the best selling game of all time is Mario Kart Wii, at 34 million units.

Sales figures for GTA V were provided as part of a 2013 preliminary report by the Entertainment Retailers Association.

Source: CVG


Re: GTA V Within Striking Distance of Becoming the 'Best ...

With so many copies of the game out there, and so many people playing the "murder simulator", society must be completely falling apart!

Re: GTA V Within Striking Distance of Becoming the 'Best ...

Spending years making quality games, ignoring investment firms on delays, ignoring them for releasing games late rather then rush release a broken product has worked wonders for Rockstar.
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