One Million Copies of Minecraft on PS3 Sold

January 27, 2014 - GamePolitics Staff

It should come as no shock to anyone that Minecraft on the PS3 has sold one million copies. Mojang's Daniel Kaplan described the new sales milestone as "crazy" but no one should be surprised that PS3 owners love Minecraft as much as everyone else does.

"Minecraft on PS3 recently sold over 1 million copies (that has to be some kind of record on PSN, no?)," said Mojang's Daniel Kaplan. "It is crazy considering the game was released just before Christmas last year. We are super grateful for the support and we are very thankful for your dedication."

The PlayStation 3 version of the hit world builder was released on December 17, and was developed by 4J Studios. Mojang can add that million in sales to the already impressive numbers on other platforms: 10 million on Xbox 360, and nearly 14 million sales on PC. The game is also selling well on portable devices such as Android phones and tablets.

A PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 version of the game are also in the pipeline.

Source: GII


Re: One Million Copies of Minecraft on PS3 Sold

For Everything But Wii U.


Andrew Eisen

Re: One Million Copies of Minecraft on PS3 Sold

As old as this is getting, honestly this is criticism I can get behind as Minecraft wouldbe awesome on the Wii U

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