AbleGamers Charity Announces The Year’s Best Accessibility Achievements

January 28, 2014 - GamePolitics Staff

The AbleGamers Charity has announced its list of the Year’s Best Accessibility Achievements. This year's awards include nods for Media Champion, Innovator, Device, Publisher, Indie Game and Mainstream Game of the Year.

Every year, the AbleGamers Charity scours the industry for the best accessibility advancements in gaming and technology. This year, seven honors will be given out to those the groups says have "made a real difference to the realm of accessibility and gaming."

Paradox Interactive is honored with the Includification Award, for creating strategy games that offer lots of "crucial accessibility standards as defined by the practical set of the game accessibility guidelines." The publisher also works closely with AbleGamers to bring seamless accessibility to all games without interfering with any gameplay mechanics.

This year's Best Media Champion is Paul Nyheart of HDFilms, who continues to be a vocal advocate for disabled gamers on the Jace Hall Show and the 1337 Lounge.

SpecialEffect is honored as the Best Innovator for helping with advancements for children with disabilities in the UK.

The StinkyBoard is honored as the Best New Device or Peripheral. StinkyBoard is a device designed to allow gamers to use the abilities and their feet to add additional flexibility in the control schemes of any video game.

Galactic Cafe's The Stanley Parable was named Best Accessible Indie Game of the Year for offering accessibility options in their popular game.

AbleGamers Accessible Mainstream Game of the Year award was given to Square Enix for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. The game scored 9.1 in AbleGamers accessibility review scoring system including 10 for hearing and 9.5 for visual elements.

"FFXIV covers almost every area of accessibility with high standards and practical application," AbleGamers noted. "The mobility area of the game was nearly perfect except for the inability to use only the mouse to play the game. In upcoming patches, Square-Enix has the ability to achieve a perfect 10 with some very minor fixes."

“We are very honored to receive AbleGamers’ Mainstream Game of the Year Award,” said Naoki Yoshida, producer and director of FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn. “In terms of the visual aspect, especially how color is displayed, we took in the players' feedback and continuously performed updates so that any player from around the world can enjoy the game, and are firmly committed to this moving forward. I would like to formally express my gratitude to AbleGamers for recognizing our efforts.”

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