Boston Postal Workers in Federal Court for Stealing The Games, Money From The Mail

January 29, 2014 - James Fudge

A former postal worker pled guilty in federal court in Boston Tuesday to stealing more than 200 video games from mail he handled. The 68-year-old Dorcestor, Mass. man, James L. White, stole the games from the mail between July and November 2012 from packages at the US Postal Service’s General Mail Facility in Boston. He then resold the items to a video game retailer (we assume a local GameStop). White is scheduled to be sentenced for mail theft (a federal crime) on May 8. The judge overseeing the case could sentence White to a maximum of five years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000.

In another case prosecuted by the same office, a former mail sorter for the U.S. Postal service in Boston was sentenced today for stealing money from greeting cards. The 27-year-old Taunton, Mass. man, Michael Gilman, was sentenced to one year of probation and ordered to pay $789 in restitution for stealing money from greeting cards while working at the Post Office. His sentence was part of a plea deal. The case was prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Eugenia M. Carris of US Attorney Carmen M. Ortiz’s Public Corruption and Special Prosecutions Unit.


Re: Boston Postal Workers in Federal Court for Stealing The ...

This is good to see. I do have to question why a game store (major or minor) would buy over 200 games from the same person. Unless, of course, that is how he was caught.

I may be crazy, but I am not insane.

Re: Boston Postal Workers in Federal Court for Stealing The ...

If he brought in 200 games at once, that might be a big red flag. But if he brought in 2 or 3 games every couple of days, that wouldn't be anything really strange, especially if a different person worked each time he came in.

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