Chucklefish Stops Starbound Development to Deal with 'Sexual Predator' in its Community

February 10, 2014 - GamePolitics Staff

Starbound developer Chucklefish said today that development of their open world space building game has been delayed slightly as it deals with someone it calls a "sexual predator" in its community (as reported on by The Escapist).

Lead developer Tiy said via Twitter today that development on the game has halted briefly "to deal with a sexual predator targeting children." When asked by fans to elaborate, Tiy said that his company is "working with authorities to deal with someone that's been using the community to target kids," and that the delay would be "Not a big delay, just a day for one developer, for those asking."

Later Starbound's community manager "Molly" said on Reddit that the person in question "has been permanently banned and we're looking into how to proceed re: involving authorities. To clarify, it's not a serious 'We're delaying the game!' sort of deal, but situations like this do distract from actual game development."

"There are a lot of underage people on our forums," she added. "If someone is messaging you in private in a way that's making you uncomfortable (especially in a sexual way), you can always message me or another staff member and we'll look into it and handle it."

Source: The Escapist


Re: Chucklefish Stops Starbound Development to Deal with ...

Hey, if you need to delay it for a day to deal with someone who is targeting children, and, less importantly ,dragging the community down, then take the time you need.

Re: Chucklefish Stops Starbound Development to Deal with ...

I am sad that the game will be slightly delayed.

But I hope they catch the bastard, that is far more important.

I may be crazy, but I am not insane.

Re: Chucklefish Stops Starbound Development to Deal with ...

Good show! Hope they catch the scumbag.


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