Far Cry 3 Writer: Gay Protagonists in AAA Games a Ways Off

February 28, 2014 - GamePolitics Staff

Far Cry 3 writer Lucian Soulban said in an interview posted on the official Ubisoft blog that the introduction of gay protagonists in AAA video game is not going to happen "for a while." He goes on to say that the current sales and marketing system is the primary barrier to entry for the creation of gay protagonists in large-scale games.

"...when are we going to see that gay protagonist in a AAA game?" asked Soulban. "Not for a while, I suspect, because of fears that it'll impact sales. So either we'll see a bait-and-switch like the original Metroid with Samus Aran where we'll find out damn near after the fact (PS: And Dumbledore was gay), or it'll come out of left field with Rockstar, Valve, Naughty Dog or Telltale, perhaps. But when it happens, I hope it's a serious take on it and not played up for jokes."

While many games like the Mass Effect series allow for same-sex relationships and Rockstar offered DLC featuring a gay protagonist (The Ballad of Gay Tony for Gran Theft Auto San Andreas), no game from an AAA publisher has featured such a character as its main focus. Soulban goes on to say that change will come but it will take time and it will be done quietly and incrementally.

"I think it's happening quietly. Look at the choices offered in Mass Effect 2 & 3, or Fable 3, or Dragon Age 2 or Skyrim, the gay characters in Borderlands 2 who mention it without much fanfare, etc. Videogames have stopped 'announcing' gay characters. They're introducing them without much fanfare in an effort to say, Yeah, it's there and pretty normal. Call it: We're here, we're queer, and we're busy working."

Source: Polygon


Re: Far Cry 3 Writer: Gay Protagonists in AAA Games a Ways Off


Well, Trevor Phillips is apparently bisexual, though I think he's just nuts.

Re: Far Cry 3 Writer: Gay Protagonists in AAA Games a Ways Off

Ah, so he means it's not the "main focus" - at first I thought he meant Bioware games aren't AAA games.

Re: Far Cry 3 Writer: Gay Protagonists in AAA Games a Ways Off

I dont see it as a ways off, considering some games let you have that option. the mass effect games, skyrim, dragon age, ect ect ect. its already here....its just not in the front row and its optional. I doubt gaming will ever make a homosexual relationship the primary plot of a major game. unless maybe Jak and Daxter are gay.....I'd actually like to see that. 

Re: Far Cry 3 Writer: Gay Protagonists in AAA Games a Ways Off

It's the 'optional' part that's key, though. It's the player making choices that guide the avatar's sexuality, not the character.

In a way this is probably the best future - complete sexual ambiguity or freedom of player choice. If the story doesn't have romance then the sexuality of the main character is left out and can be up for interpretation. Or if sex and romance are part of a game of choice, then the player simply chooses their character's orientation. But otherwise it's probably true that mainstream games are not likely to see a main player gay protagonist with their sexuality interwoven into the plot for some time.

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