Microsoft Game Studios Boss Talks 'Extreme Fanboyism'

March 13, 2014 - GamePolitics Staff

Spike TV's Geoff Keighley recently conducted an interview with Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Game Studios Phil Spencer as part of South by Southwest 2014's Gaming Expo at the Long Center in Austin, Texas. While the conversation touches on a lot of topics, the most interesting thing discussed during the sit-down interview was fanboyism. The Microsoft Games Studios chief said that sometimes fanboyism can reach "unhealthy" levels and that there's nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy different console systems and different game experiences found on other platforms.

"There seems to be this natural faction that gets created around what console you own, and then this, I would call it unhealthy dislike, for people who own the other console," said Spencer at a talk during SXSW 2014.

"I love the fans that we have," Spencer continued, "but I don't think being a fan of Xbox does not mean you can't be a fan of something else, or you have to be an anti-fan of some other brand. At least I'm not. I own a PlayStation 4, I play games on a PlayStation 4. I own a Wii U, I play games on my Wii U. I learn a ton from what happens on those other platforms.

You can check out the entire interview to your left.


Re: Microsoft Game Studios Boss Talks 'Extreme Fanboyism'

Yeah, the PS v XB fanboyism is totally juvenile because PC is the only worthy platform and the rest are for casual kiddies.

Unfortunately there are a selection of people who read the above sentence and actually agree with it.

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