Street Fighter Red Tape: Dhalsim

March 26, 2014 - GamePolitics Staff

Kumail Nanjiani (HBO's "Silicon Valley") stars in the latest episode of Street Fighter Red Tape from "The Pete Holmes Show." In it, he plays Dhalsim, the least marketable of all the Street Fighter characters. Holmes brings up some good points in the skit about the Dhalsim character, like those strange skulls he wears around his neck. Men of peace don't usually wear child-sized skulls...

Anyway, you can check out the video to your left and find more in the series here.

The Pete Holmes Show airs midnight/11c, after CONAN on TBS Monday - Friday.


Re: Street Fighter Red Tape: Dhalsim

Dhalsim is only good for one thing- a scrub filter on online matches in SSF4.

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