UK Copyright Law Will Allow CD and DVD Ripping This Summer

March 28, 2014 - GamePolitics Staff

It will soon be legal to rips CDs, DVDs, and other media in the United Kingdom, according to this TorrentFreak report. The UK government has released a guide informing its citizenry that an upcoming revision of copyright laws in the country which will make it perfectly legal to make backup copies of CD and DVDs for personal use. Those changes will be in effect this summer.

"Copyright law is being changed to allow you to make personal copies of media you have bought, for private purposes such as format shifting or backup," the UK’s Intellectual Property Office writes. "The changes will mean that you will be able to copy a book or film you have purchased for one device onto another without infringing copyright."

The UK Government emphasizes that these changes will make current copyright law more reasonable, and doesn’t expect that copyright holders will suffer any significant harm.

"This measure will benefit technology firms by removing barriers and costs and improving entry to technology markets which rely on consumers being able to make private copies," the government has said in the past.

Under the updated law people will also be able to legally store copies of their music and movies in the cloud. However, the Government stresses that giving others access to your files will remain illegal.

"You will be permitted to make personal copies to any device that you own, or a personal online storage medium, such as a private cloud. However, it will be illegal to give other people access to the copies you have made, including, for example, by allowing a friend to access your personal cloud storage," the guide explains.

Interestingly enough, consumers can also sell their media to other people, provided that they destroy any backup copies. This is almost identical to European Union laws on selling digital and disc-based entertainment and software property.

Finally, the revisions to existing copying laws will also broaden people’s fair use rights. For example, people no longer have to ask permission to quote from or parody the work of others, such as a news report or a book, as long as it’s "fair dealing" and the "source is recognized."

To paraphrase that famous restaurant scene in "When Harry Met Sally," "We'll have what they're having."

Source: TorrentFreak


Re: UK Copyright Law Will Allow CD and DVD Ripping This Summer

The only problem with this change in the law is that it still keeps anti-circumvention provisions in place. While you are allowed to legally create backups of your movies and format shift them, it is still illegal to do so if you must break any DRM to do so.

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