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April 9, 2014 - GamePolitics Staff

Lyon, France-based indie developer Little Worlds Studio said that it is "playing its last card" and "places its fate in the hands of the public" with the launch of an initiative to save the company through what it is calling a "Kickfailer." Unlike a "Kickstarter," this initiative seeks support through its already established free-to-play mobile game Mana Crusher.

"We’re not going to lie – after 10 years of producing cool games and apps for all kinds of platforms, things are tough at Little Worlds Studio," the company writes. "The fate of our 13 staff is hanging in the balance, and every download of our charming and addictive new title, Mana Crusher counts."

While you can finish the iPhone, iPad and Android puzzle and collectible card game for free without paying a single cent, buying some in-game content will go a long way in keeping the company's doors open and its employees employed. But if you don't feel like purchasing in-game content, you can simply give them a donation via PayPal.

Each time its Kickfailer hits a new target the developers will do something fun to thank the players:

- 1,000 Downloads: the 13 developers will go out for a filling and nutritious meal at their nearest fast food restaurant (a kind of “Last Supper”).

- 10,000 Downloads: every player account will be credited with 10,000 Clovers.

- 100,000 Downloads: a new character will appear in the game: the Little Worlds white wolf.

- 1,000,000 Downloads: the game artists will create 10 new in-game characters based on requests from players.

- 10,000,000 Downloads: the studio will host a big costume party with everyone dressed in cosplay based on the game’s characters. Everyone who donated is welcome to attend.

- 100,000,000 Downloads: the developers will spend a night in prison on your behalf.

You can find out more about this interesting crowd-funding initiative by visiting

For those who might think this is all a clever marketing scheme or a prank, we assure you that it isn't. To learn more about the current state of the studio, check out this recent interview with Little Worlds Studio CEO David Chomard over at Pocketgamer.


Re: Help Save Little Worlds Studio

Well, I've given the game they are pushing a try. It could have been nice, but it so aggressively pushes facebook integration (to annoy my friend list) and in-game purchase (to buy the second currency) that I want nothing more to do with it. They should check out the very latest Extra Credits, because they clearly ran afoul of one of the two "don't do" of f2p.

Re: Help Save Little Worlds Studio

For those who can't watch the video, the two "Don't do"s are:

1. Don't make the game more enjoyable for players who don't spend money. That is, don't have spending money take all the challenge out of the game.

2. Don't force players to spend money to continue the game after already investing time in it. This can work temporarily, but players will soon catch on to your game and stop playing in the first place.

Re: Help Save Little Worlds Studio

Or don't support them and remove a few parasitic ethically questionable in-app purchase driven games from the app store.
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