SOE Not Afraid of Comparisons Between 'H1Z1' and 'DayZ'

April 22, 2014 - GamePolitics Staff

Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley is not afraid to give frank answers on the company's upcoming online zombie apocalypse game, H1Z1. When asked the tough questions on Reddit about the game's similarities to DayZ, Smedley tackled the question head on with the following answer:

"Not going to give some politically correct dodgy b.s. answer," said Smedley. "It is a survival in a Zombie Apocalypse game. So is Day Z. They have made a brilliant game (first I might add). They have a great vision for it and can count myself and most of the people on our team as fans and contributors."

Smedley went on to explain in the Reddit thread how the game will work - at least in the beginning:

"We’re making the game we’re making. Long term we plan on making this about a persistent world with a big landscape with thousands of players. The way we would like to see this roll out is much more like players building small enclaves or pockets of territory and hold out against a legitimate zombie threat that’s ever present while others go it alone taking their chances.. These player built structures, forts and towns are one of the ways the players try to carve out some small space in a dangerous world."

You can check out all of Smedley's answers here.

Source: Internode


Re: SOE Not Afraid of Comparisons Between 'H1Z1' and 'DayZ'

Sorry, what was that? I can't really think of anything going head to head with Day Z that's hyped very much after the fiasco that was The War Z, a.k.a. Infestation: Survivor Stories. There are some lower key games that have met success in the field, but I can't really recall the last heavily touted one that succeeded.

Re: SOE Not Afraid of Comparisons Between 'H1Z1' and 'DayZ'

You know, just because Mr. Smedley is hyping H1Z1, doesn't mean it won't end up in a dumpster after a few years of expensive development work.  Like what happened to The Agency.


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