UK Retailer Calls Wii U Bundle a 'Mistake,' Does Not Honor Deal

May 20, 2014 - GamePolitics Staff

UK retailer John Lewis basically said "woops" today when it revealed to Eurogamer that it couldn't fulfill the £112 Wii U console bundle orders that lead a lot of traffic to its online site last week. A spokesperson for the retailer said that the listing for the ultra cheap Wii U bundle was a mistake, and apparently one it would not honor for those who locked down an order before the bundle was unceremoniously yanked from public view.

"Unfortunately an error resulted in this line incorrectly going live on our website and its availability as 'in stock'," a spokesperson for John Lewis explained. "As a result, we could not fulfill any orders."

That spokesperson went on to tell Eurogamer that "in most cases" customers were not charged, but some were. Still they are not honoring the deal:

"All customers have been contacted via email, explaining that the item is not in stock, and if they have already been charged for the purchase, a full refund will be given," the spokesperson said.

"John Lewis apologizes to all those affected by this error and any inconvenience caused."

The email sent to those customers who were charged reads as follows:

"We're sorry but the following item(s) you ordered are now out of stock."

"At present we have no indication from our suppliers of when we will receive more stock, so it is with regret that we have cancelled the above item (s) from your order. If any monies have been charged we will refund your account within 3-5 working days."

The moral of the story: some retailers do not honor advertised prices.

Source: Eurogamer


Re: UK Retailer Calls Wii U Bundle a 'Mistake,' Does Not ...

You're not required to honor an advertisement mistake if you post that it was a mistake and take it down. This happens all the time in brick and mortar stores.

Re: UK Retailer Calls Wii U Bundle a 'Mistake,' Does Not ...

Maybe not, but it does more long term harm to not honor it. That is why steam honors their screw ups.

Re: UK Retailer Calls Wii U Bundle a 'Mistake,' Does Not ...

If Steam screws up, they MIGHT be losing a couple of bucks per sale - despite having very little overhead cost per sale (nearly zero).

The screwup HERE could have cost the retailer thousands of dollars.

--- With the first link, the chain is forged.

Re: UK Retailer Calls Wii U Bundle a 'Mistake,' Does Not ...

Yeah, but we are talking about a greater than 50% discount on something that already has a razor thin margin for retailers, if there is any profit margin at all. Unless every single one of those systems was sold with 4-5 games, then the retailer would be losing a lot of money.

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