Ken Levine Jokes About Fox News Co-Opting BioShock Infinite's Logo Design

July 3, 2014 - GamePolitics Staff

Fox News is being ribbed by Bioshock Infinite developer Ken Levine for a logo it used on a recent broadcast about U.S. immigration and border patrol policy. The logo for the segment called "Defending the Homeland" seems to be styled after the logo for Levine's BioShock Infinite. Kotaku first pointed out the similarities yesterday.

The logo aired during a recent interview segment on "Fox & Friends" featuring Texas Governor Rick Perry, who invited President Barack Obama to the Texas border to see the "immigration crisis" first hand.

Responding on Twitter, Levine seemed mildly amused by the similarities:

Levine later tweeted that he wasn't a fan of the typesetting:

Source: Kotaku


Re: Ken Levine Jokes About Fox News Co-Opting BioShock ...

Fox News and Columbia are completely different. One is a group of jingoistic hatemongers fueled by ignorance and xenophobia who want to send human progress back a century, and the other is a flying city.

Re: Ken Levine Jokes About Fox News Co-Opting BioShock ...

Oh... oh dear god... You can tell they obviously did absolutely no homework on Bioshock Infinite's story can't you...

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