Poll Results: Breaking Things While Playing Games!

July 14, 2014 - GamePolitics Staff

In last week's poll we asked our readers, "Has a Video Game Ever Made You So Mad You Broke the Controller?" The majority of votes seemed to indicate that almost half of respondents have enough control not to break a controller either because it is defective or because the game someone is playing becomes too frustrating. Only 11 percent of voters admitted to breaking a controller - BUT - 25 percent of voters said that they may have broken other things while playing a game. Some admitted elsewhere on the site to breaking hand-held devices, which one could argue is technically a controller. Ahem.

Nine percent said they have broken a controller or input device at least once, while 43 percent said that they are as cool as a cucumber and do not break things while playing games.

Thanks to everyone who voted in last week's poll. You can catch an extended discussion of this in the latest episode of Super Podcast Action Committee - or you can watch it to your left. It was our first live show via Twitch, so you'll have to excuse the audio quality - we're working on it and hope to have the kinks worked out next week.

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Re: Poll Results: Breaking Things While Playing Games!

When I traded in my PS3(not upgrading ,the dics drive had gone faulty) the controller had a crack in the shell that made the R trigger go a little screwy from all the times I fought Azetlor the Collector in Ghostbusters. FUCK THAT BOSS!!!!

Re: Poll Results: Breaking Things While Playing Games!

In my defense, that game freaking cheated.

On the bright side, my XBOX 360 controller for PC is still going strong after over 5 years.

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