NIS America and GaymerX Kiss and Make Up

July 30, 2014 - GamePolitics Staff

NIS America and GaymerX have amicably settled their differences, after a tumultuous day of bad press that reflected poorly on all parties involved. Sadly most of the bad press stemmed from a simple miscommunication between GaymerX co-founder Matt Conn and two principles from NIS America's PR & Marketing department. The dispute, over a $3,000 sponsorship deal at the recent GaymerX 2 LGBTQ event in San Francisco, has been resolved and the parties involved have apologized to each other for the miscommunication.

For his part, Matt Conn admitted that it might not been a good idea to talk to the press while the issue was still being resolved. Conn also admitted that he may have misunderstood the initial email from NIS America's David Alonzo.

"I want to publicly apologize for any pain or distress I may have caused NIS America or their team - they have been very genuine and sincere in fixing the issue and have confirmed that payment will be made in full," Matt Conn said in a statement emailed to GamePolitics and other media outlets. "They have been nothing but professional during this process after the initial email, and it can't be understated the fact that, unlike most conservative AAA companies, they were willing to take the risk of being associated with a queer event and they went out of their way to be a part of it. That statement alone is huge and I feel as though my statements were taken out of context. I in no way intended for the dialog to be that they had made this action because we are a LGBTQ organization, my point, at the time, was that I did not feel like that email would have been sent to a larger convention or organization, and felt bullied because of that."

David Alonzo offered a similar statement to the media:

"I'd like to sincerely apologize once again for all the miscommunication on my end, as I should have been more clear about things from the start," said Alonzo as part of a statement mailed to GamePolitics. "I also want to say that as a part of the LGBTQ community, I will always be supportive of queer rights. I obviously got overzealous in wanting to support you guys, but because of this I failed to follow the proper internal protocol. Fortunately, NISA wholeheartedly endorses the community, and has fulfilled what was promised."


Re: NIS America and GaymerX Kiss and Make Up

So it's okay for them to say Queer? I wont understand this country ever...

Re: NIS America and GaymerX Kiss and Make Up

Shut up, you damn Yankee Doodle.

Re: NIS America and GaymerX Kiss and Make Up

"This country?" Reclaiming slurs against your group for your own use far, far predates the US. The earliest examples I know of go back to the 1200's between England and Scotland. And considering that around the same time France and parts of Italy were doing the exact same thing, it was already common enough that I doubt it was new.

Re: NIS America and GaymerX Kiss and Make Up

But but... language is eternal! All words really mean their original meaning! I have a dictionary telling me so!

Re: NIS America and GaymerX Kiss and Make Up

Yup. It's one of the most successful reclamations of a word that used to be a slur. Hell, it's now even acceptable for non-LGBT folk to use it (as long as it's without vitriol, obviously). 

Re: NIS America and GaymerX Kiss and Make Up

*nods* though a somewhat contentious one since it brought more people under the umbrella, and not all people were happy about that.  It does seem to have worked though ^_^

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