UK's Ofcom Proposes Caps for BT's Leased Line Prices

July 6, 2012 -

British telecommunications regulator Ofcom announced plans to sets caps on broadband service provider BT's internet line prices it charges other telecom companies who provide internet access outside London. Ofcom said that the proposed caps on pricing would lead to "real-terms price reductions" for internet service providers and other firms who are at the mercy of BT such as O2, Vodafone and Plusnet. Ofcom's proposal anticipates that the savings these companies enjoy will in turn be passed on to customers. BT is at the top of the leased lines market in the country.

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South Carolina Bill Makes Municipality-Owned Broadband Harder

July 2, 2012 -

Most citizens probably think that letting a municipality or township run local broadband services would be a good idea. There's even some anecdotal evidence that having low-cost broadband in a major metropolitan city controlled by the local government keeps broadband costs down, which in turn entices businesses that use it to set up shop which leads to job creation and local commerce. But it also means that broadband companies lose out on market.

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UK Lawmakers to Repeal Site Banning Provisions from the Digital Economy Act

July 2, 2012 -

Lawmakers in the United Kingdom seem to be having a change of heart about two key parts of an anti-piracy law. Lawmakers said at the end of last week that they plan to abandon legislative plans to block websites allegedly involved in distributing or sharing copyrighted materials.

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Report: Justice Department Investigating Broadband Providers over Data Caps

June 14, 2012 -

According to the Chicago Tribune, the Justice Department has launched an investigation into the practice of cable broadband providers using data caps. The investigation, according to a source "close to the situation," will focus on whether cable providers are using broadband data caps to promote their own video services while discouraging customers from using services such a Netflix which count against their data caps.

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U.S. Lawmakers Issa and Wyden Unveil Digital Bill of Rights

June 12, 2012 -

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Ca.) joined with Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Or.) revealed what they are calling the "Digital Bill of Rights" at the Personal Democracy Forum in New York City. 

A draft version of the Digital Bill of Rights is also live on Rep. Issa’s personal site, The Digital Bill of Rights is comprised of ten key tenets, but chances are that the document will ultimately take into account and implement feedback from the Internet community.

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FCC Forms Open Internet Advisory Committee

May 29, 2012 -

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has formed an "Open Internet" committee to evaluate the agency's net neutrality rules. The committee was part of the rules that the FCC passed in late 2010 and later implemented in 2011. 

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Advocacy Groups Take FCC Chairman to Task for 'Data Cap Endorsement'

May 23, 2012 -

Online advocacy groups Public Knowledge and Free Press are taking Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski to task for comments he made earlier this week that seemed to indicate an "endorsement" of data caps, by calling them a legitimate business practice.

"There was a point of view a couple of years ago that there was only one permissible pricing model for broadband. I didn’t agree," Genachowski said during a question and answer session with National Cable and Telecommunications Association CEO Michael Powell.

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Comcast To Test New Pricing Tiers for Broadband Users, Temporarily Suspend Caps in Some Areas

May 18, 2012 -

Comcast says that it will soon raise the monthly cap of 250GB that customers currently suffer under to 300GB as part of a new tiered pricing plan, according to a CNET report. While it will beta test this new tired pricing model in some areas, the good news is that in areas where it is not testing it the data caps will be temporarily lifted.

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Comcast: Xfinity on Xbox Live a 'Cable Service,' Does Not Violate Net Neutrality Rules

May 16, 2012 -

In a post on the official Comcast blog, Tony Werner (Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, in Network and Operations) says that his company's video-on-demand service on Xbox Live, Xfinity, in no way violates net neutrality rules. In fact, he claims, the service is not an Internet service at all but a cable service served up using cable resources and not internet bandwidth.

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Seventy-Five Percent of Rural Residents Think Broadband Improves 'Quality of Life'

May 14, 2012 -

According to a new survey from NetAmerica Alliance that polled 800 rural residents, three out of four respondents said that having access to high speed internet is important to maintaining their quality of life. The contents of the survey was revealed to Telecompetitor.

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AT&T Suspends U-Verse on Xbox Live

May 14, 2012 -

Not long ago AT&T U-verse TV customers could order a "hardware kit" for their Xbox 360 that allowed them to use Microsoft's console as a set-top box. But according to a report from, AT&T has suspended the program so that it can improve the service. In a statement on its website for the service AT&T wrote:

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The Netherlands Approves Net Neutrality Law

May 9, 2012 -

The Netherlands is the first country in Europe to pass a net neutrality law (thanks to Michael Chandra for multiple tips on this story). The Dutch Senate adopted the net neutrality provisions in a new Telecom Law that was approved on Tuesday night. Those changes to the law were approved unanimously, according to the Senate.

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Sen. Al Franken Urges FCC, DOJ to Investigate Comcast's Xfinity Video Services on Xbox Live

May 9, 2012 -

Minnesota Senator Al Franken (D) says that Comcast is thumbing its nose at net neutrality rules by offering an exemption to data caps when it comes to its Xfinity video services on Xbox Live. He feels so strongly about it that he has sent a letter to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) asking both agencies to investigate the company. At the heart of Franken's complaint is that the content that is streamed directly to the Xbox console will not be counted against subscribers' 250GB monthly data cap.

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Sony Holding Off on Streaming Video Services Because of Comcast Data Caps

May 2, 2012 -

Sony said earlier this week that it is holding off on launching a video service online because of Comcast's data capping policies and its preferential treatment to its own video services. Sony executive Michael Aragon told Variety on Monday that Comcast's discriminatory data caps are giving the company concerns about launching an Internet video service that would compete with cable and satellite TV services.

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Public Knowledge Calls on Government to Regulate Data Capping

April 25, 2012 -

Internet advocacy group Public Knowledge is taking aim at data caps and the companies that love them with the release of a new white paper and letters to several companies asking them to release information about their data capping processes. In a white paper released earlier this week the group called for government oversight of mobile and wired broadband providers who use data caps, noting that these companies should disclose detailed information about data caps. Public Knowledge wants U.S.

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Switching Sides: Former MPAA Heavyweight Paul Brigner

April 19, 2012 -

Cory Doctorow, who you may know best as the gentleman behind the wonderful Boing Boing web site, has a brand new column in The Guardian examining why a former defender of SOPA would suddenly decide to switch sides.

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Netflix CEO Calls Comcast Out on Net Neutrality, Data Caps

April 16, 2012 -

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has publicly come out swinging against Comcast, saying that its version of net neutrality and its data caps are horrible. Hastings takes issue with the fact that services such as Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Go on Xbox count against Comcast customers' broadband data caps, but Comcast's own video service on Xbox Live - Xfinity - doesn’t.

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Senator to FCC: Slow Down on National Broadband Plan

April 9, 2012 -

US Senator Jon Tester (D-Montana) asked the Federal Communications Commission on Friday to slow down its plans to make changes to the National Broadband Plan, claiming that it would reduce the amount of resources available to broadband internet investment in rural telecommunications. His specific objections to the plan are related to the Universal Service Fund, which was originally established to fund the growth of telecommunications services in rural and underserved areas.

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Comcast Removes 'Private Network' From Xfinity on Xbox Live FAQ

March 30, 2012 -

Comcast has dropped the term "Private Network" from the Xfinity On Demand on Xbox Live FAQ. The company did this after several sites - including VentureBeat (the source of this story) - called the company out on it. Comcast claimed that it used Xbox Live (which it described as "private network") to deliver its video content, but critics pointed out that the public internet and private networks are delivered over the same broadband infrastructure.

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Comcast Defends Xfinity on Xbox Live Against Net Neutrality Concerns

March 27, 2012 -

With the launch of its Xfinity entertainment services on Xbox Live this week, Comcast finds itself having to defend the way it is handling its data capping policy. Comcast's new video services require users have an Xbox Live Gold subscription as well as subscriptions to Xfinity TV and Xfinity broadband services. Using these services won't count against customers' 250GB usage cap. Some groups see this as a violation of network neutrality -because it gives preferential treatment to traffic and to an in-house Internet video service.

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Xfinity On Demand on Xbox 360 Won't Affect Comcast Data Caps

March 26, 2012 -

According to VOX Games, Comcast's Xfinity On Demand service for Xbox 360 won't count against subscribers' bandwidth caps. That's good news for Comcast customers who were concerned about running afoul of the data cap because they decided to view some video content "over the internet." Of course, it would probably better news if Comcast was announcing that it had decided to eliminate data caps altogether, but we'll take what we can get.

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Public Knowledge Urges FCC To Investigate Data Capping

March 26, 2012 -

Left leaning internet advocacy group Public Knowledge sent a letter to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Friday asking the agency to investigate data capped broadband plans, particularly as they related to iOS devices.

Last year Public Knowledge asked the FCC to investigate wireless data caps from AT&T and Verizon, and wired caps from Comcast twice last year.

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Verizon Offers Net Neutrality Resolution to Shareholders, Urges Them to Reject It

March 23, 2012 -

Following last month's ruling by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that wireless carriers must give their shareholders an opportunity to vote on net neutrality rules, Verizon has brought the issue to shareholders in a new resolution. At the same time, the company’s board of directors is strongly urging its shareholders to reject the resolution.

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Minnesota Lawmakers Seek to Ban Community Broadband

March 9, 2012 -

It seems like state legislators are lining up to pass legislation designed to protect the interests of corporations in the business of providing broadband services. Minnesota is the latest state to offer legislation meant to forbid community broadband projects, joining states like Georgia and North Carolina. The bill before lawmakers in Minnesota, "HF 2695," specifically bars any community from building a broadband network within the state.

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UK's Digital Economy Act Remains Toothless

March 6, 2012 -

While the Digital Economy Act was passed in the UK last year, the UK government can't force ISP's in the region to do anything beyond a letter writing campaign against those accused of infringement. The problem lies in the fact that the government needs to make certain changes to the law before it goes into full affect.

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Verizon Launches Wireless Broadband Home Service

March 6, 2012 -

Verizon Wireless announced the launch of a new wireless home broadband service geared towards rural areas that want something a little more powerful than DSL. The service is called HomeFusion, and offers wireless broadband via a $200 cylindrical antenna (the labor is free) that is mounted on the outside of your house. While the speeds sounds decent enough - 5 to 12 megabits per second for downloads and 2 to 5 megabits for uploads - Verizon's biggest barrier might be the data caps it puts on the service. 

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Net Neutrality Fight Returns to Court

March 5, 2012 -

Verizon and Metro PCS sued the Federal Communications Commission last year over its net neutrality rules. At the time a judge dismissed their lawsuits because the rules had yet to be finalized. After the new net neutrality rules went to effect, the two companies reasserted themselves and re-filed lawsuits. Last Thursday the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that their cases can now move forward.

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AT&T Changes Throttling Policy Amid Customer Complaints

March 1, 2012 -

If you are an AT&T mobile customer with an unlimited data plan, then you know the painful truth about throttling. AT&T has been throttling - or slowing down - customers who have an unlimited plan and have hit a certain milestone amount of data usage. Customers using as little as 2 - 3 GB have had their connections slowed down to a point they considered unusable despite what AT&T has claimed.

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Public Knowledge Launches The Internet Blueprint

February 28, 2012 -

Internet advocacy group Public Knowledge has launched a new web site called The Internet Blueprint. The goal of this new hub is to develop bills that will strengthen internet laws and ultimately make the internet a better place. The site is the group's response to lawmakers in Washington who asked Public Knowledge for input on how to improve the Internet.

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AT&T Considers Charging App Makers, Services a Fee for Data Usage

February 28, 2012 -

AT&T has concocted a new way to deal with the rise of data usage among subscribers: charge app makers and bandwidth-eating services a fee. Those who supported the FCC's net neutrality rules (but publicly demanded stricter legislation on mobile carriers) are saying "I told you so" over this news. In a recent conversation with the Wall Street Journal, AT&T’s senior executive vice president of network and technology John Donovan, said that app makers might choose to pay for data in hopes of bringing in new customers.

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