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PHX Corp Halo: MCC eSports Event Canceled Because The Game Wouldn't Work04/27/2015 - 10:15pm
Matthew Wilson@AE I know I was just stating where I stand on issues like that in general04/27/2015 - 8:12pm
Andrew EisenWho, Colin Cowherd? No one's suggesting he should be forced out. Or that he should commentate on video games.04/27/2015 - 8:10pm
Matthew Wilson@AE I do not think he should be forced ou though. he has his right to his opinion and shouldnt be forced out because people disagree with it.04/27/2015 - 8:07pm
ZippyDSMleeJim suggjested a pay what you want setup like humble bundel.04/27/2015 - 7:49pm
MontePerhaps they should just add a donation system for creators like the monthly pateron model. Only those who regularly make quality content can get compensated while those who would abuse the system are ignored04/27/2015 - 7:46pm
MontePaid mods is not a bad idea; i mean its only fair that makers be compensated and even better if they can do it full time. UNfortunatly there is too much that can go wrong and room for abuse04/27/2015 - 7:44pm
Andrew EisenYeah, working on that story now. Or rather, I'm working on finding time to write up that story.04/27/2015 - 7:40pm
Matthew Wilson this crap is why sports fans and gamers dont get along. for love of god did I get sent back to 1995.04/27/2015 - 7:37pm
Matthew WilsonI do not think it will be the last time we see this. btw I am ok with paid mods.04/27/2015 - 7:10pm
ZippyDSMlee 0_o04/27/2015 - 6:37pm
ZippyDSMleeMatthew Wilson:Humor and sarcasm sir.04/27/2015 - 6:36pm
Matthew Wilson@zippy there is no way they are going to merge with capcom becouse both companies are not in good shape. sony, Nintendo, and square are the only companies with enough money to pull it off in japan.04/27/2015 - 4:27pm
ZippyDSMleeCutesy name for motherboard. My 300$ mobo fried itself one night...04/27/2015 - 4:23pm
Andrew EisenNo problem. No idea what a mobo is but it's easy to overlook stuff in the Shout box.04/27/2015 - 4:18pm
ZippyDSMleeAndrew Eisen:Ah sorry, last 2-4 days I been dealing with a dead mobo then my new laptop came in trying to get it up to date and stuff transferred over....blag04/27/2015 - 4:16pm
Andrew EisenAlready linked about 10 shouts ago.04/27/2015 - 4:00pm
ZippyDSMlee This just in Konami and Capcom merge so they can ignore more IP's.04/27/2015 - 3:50pm
E. Zachary KnightNot really. I think people are overly critical of other game projects. Delays should be expected and shouldn't be considered a major failing and worthy of the crap they get.04/27/2015 - 3:09pm
Matthew WilsonI agree that Double Fine gets off way too easy compared to others.04/27/2015 - 2:40pm
PHX Corp a Transcript reguarding the Situation at Konami has been found(CEO Went Nuts over mobile and wanted kojima removed from the company)04/27/2015 - 2:25pm
E. Zachary KnightMatthew, delaying games has been amassive point of contention for games that raised a fraction of what Double Fine did.04/27/2015 - 2:14pm
Matthew Wilsonand yes they went way way over budget from what I read.04/27/2015 - 12:33pm
Matthew Wilson@AE if they cancaled it there would be massive outrage, but people tend to be ok with a delayed game.04/27/2015 - 12:32pm
IvresseBleh, can't edit shout on my phone :-/04/27/2015 - 12:32pm
Andrew EisenHell, the Kickstarter itself raised WAY more than DF was asking but I saw no accusations of impropriety.04/27/2015 - 12:31pm
Andrew EisenA little over three years later (two and a half years after the estimated delivery date), the Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter finally delivered the game. Oddly, I never saw anyone accuse Double Fine of scamming or conning anyone.04/27/2015 - 12:30pm
Ivresse@PHX Corp: Not only that, but Konami have just delisted themselves from the NYSE: - 12:28pm
Matthew Wilsonwhile I felt bad for everyone outside the US who wanted to watch the HOTS finals, the fact it was on espn 2 in prime time is a major major step forward for video games.04/27/2015 - 12:14pm
james_fudgeThanks Papa!04/27/2015 - 10:43am
PHX Corp It's Official: Silent Hills Is Cancelled04/27/2015 - 9:48am
Papa MidnightI also hope that legislation holds the individual(s) who initiated the action is criminally liable for any and all harm that may come to persons involved (whether it be the cops or the victim(s)), as well as any property damaged suffered by any party.04/27/2015 - 8:16am
Papa MidnightJames: Small typographical error in the article for the NY Congressman's legislation: earlier is misspelled as "earlkier" (context: "Chuck Schumer (D) earlkier this month.")04/27/2015 - 8:14am
Matthew WilsonUC berkeley won, and they 3 years of free tuition for winning.04/26/2015 - 11:26pm
Matthew Wilson…/id/2497649/Heroes-of-the-Dorm heroes of the storm is being broadcast live on espn 2 never thought a moba would get a time slot like this on tv.04/26/2015 - 9:30pm
Matthew Wilson this is why the dmca should be changed or gotten rid off.04/26/2015 - 6:41pm
PHX Corp anyone seen this04/26/2015 - 4:19pm
Matthew Wilson… Can not say I am surprised sadly. I feel bad for del Toro because every time he tries to do a video game project it falls apart.04/26/2015 - 1:42pm
InfophileAnyone play any of the following games: War Thunder, Infinite Crisis, or Strife? Got a card for a big chunk of money in them with my new computer which I won't need and looking to give it away if anyone wants it.04/26/2015 - 9:02am
Mattsworknamei I hope there is, I love that series.04/25/2015 - 5:59pm
Matthew Wilson@matt I am sure there will never be a armored core game04/25/2015 - 5:24pm
Mattsworknameof From softwares recent games, bloodborne is the best work they have done yet, though they really need to get to work on armored core 604/25/2015 - 5:10pm
Matthew WilsonLost Kingdoms came out in 2002 this day. I played that game. I did not relize it was made by From Software. Lost Kingdoms was a good unique hard game.04/25/2015 - 4:56pm
MattsworknameOff topic, but, who heres playing Bloodborne, and if so, is it mercillesly murdering you every chance it gets?04/25/2015 - 7:35am
Matthew WilsonI think its a good article, and devs can take some lessons from life is strange.04/24/2015 - 10:24pm
Andrew EisenI tinyURL'd it. The world is safe!04/24/2015 - 10:23pm
Matthew Wilson@AE my bad there is nothing I can do about that.04/24/2015 - 10:21pm
Andrew EisenLooks like the spoiler is right there in the URL.04/24/2015 - 10:20pm
Matthew Wilson a interesting opinion piece on the life is strange episode 2, and a dark event that happens in it. full warning major spoilers.04/24/2015 - 10:11pm
Matthew Wilson@mech no just she, nor her co workers have not. she never said it is not real.04/24/2015 - 8:58pm
MechaCrashWas she saying "I haven't experienced it," or "I haven't experienced it therefore it does not exist"?04/24/2015 - 8:31pm
ZippyDSMleeoy the skyrim paid mod thing is going over well. My 2 lints, I would not mind if Skyrim had a full SDK and not a crappy lil editor....04/24/2015 - 6:46pm
Andrew EisenWell, that is indeed crappy and nonsensical.04/24/2015 - 3:45pm
Matthew Wilsonshe got attacked for saying that she personaly has not experienced the harassment some other female devs have, and she got acused of defending GG and ignoring harassment. she ended up getting dog piled because of it.04/24/2015 - 3:43pm
Andrew EisenFine but do you recall ANY details at all?04/24/2015 - 3:38pm
Matthew Wilsonit was several weeks ago now, and I will admit to not saving it.04/24/2015 - 3:36pm
Andrew EisenAttacked HOW and by WHOM for not writing off WHO as evil? Do you have a link or anything?04/24/2015 - 3:31pm
Matthew Wilsonthat is the whole point she was not attacked for saying anything. she was attacked for being willing to debate in the first place, and not just write them off as evil.04/24/2015 - 3:28pm
Andrew EisenI know there's not a lot of room in the Shout box but goodness you're being vague.04/24/2015 - 3:26pm
Andrew EisenGreat, but that STILL doesn't tell me what she said, why she was attacked (or what the attack was) or what "standard line" she's following. Details, man. Details!04/24/2015 - 3:25pm
Andrew EisenOr what the heck Nina White (someone else I've never heard of) is actually referring to.04/24/2015 - 3:24pm
Matthew Wilson@AE she is a game dev. she used to do stuff with hormanix and now works with!/?page_id=2 she will often engage and debate both side.04/24/2015 - 3:23pm
Andrew Eisen...following.04/24/2015 - 3:23pm
Andrew EisenYou mean focus on stopping the bad behavior of those who are doing it rather than condemning all the people that associate with them? Great. But I still don't know who Emma Clarkson is, what she said, why she was attacked or what "standard line" she's04/24/2015 - 3:23pm
Matthew WilsonI think people are coming around to the idea that divide and conqueror might be a more effective method than scorched earth. scorched earth has been tried for 8 months with almost no progress, so its time try something new.04/24/2015 - 3:20pm
Andrew EisenCan you elaborate? I don't know who that is.04/24/2015 - 3:17pm
Matthew Wilsonas I understand just general difference of opinion. for example I have seen Emma Clarkson get attacked becouse she chooses to engage and debate, instead of just fallow the standard line.04/24/2015 - 3:13pm
Andrew Eisen'Cause if it's the latter, that kind of stuff should be shamed.04/24/2015 - 2:47pm
Andrew EisenAnd shaming women for being women or having an opinion or shaming specific women for exhibiting particularly repugnant attitudes or behaviors?04/24/2015 - 2:47pm
Andrew Eisen"Last few days" seems pretty specific. I honestly don't know what he's talking about. I hear that sentiment all the time but I've never actually seen an example of it.04/24/2015 - 2:46pm
Matthew Wilsonjust the general actions on both sides, but in particular those who are anti gg, but using the same tactics of harassment and shaming.04/24/2015 - 2:34pm
Andrew EisenMatthew - What is he referring to?04/24/2015 - 2:24pm
PHX Corp The Most Ridiculous Skyrim Mods People Are Trying To Sell On Steam04/24/2015 - 2:09pm
Matthew Wilson a interesting set of tweets by Nina White, and I agree with him.04/24/2015 - 12:59pm
Andrew EisenOh, absolutely. Such behavior is unacceptible. Period. It doesn't matter who the ugliness is directed towards. I've never heard anyone state otherwise but I suppose it's worth saying.04/24/2015 - 10:47am
MattsworknameMatt wilson , I'd seen that, and I don't disagree with it, though i do think it won't be as simple as that, it certainly would make things better04/24/2015 - 2:24am
MattsworknameAgreed whole heartedly Andrew, so long as we agree that it should be reported equally and fairly. You wont get any disagreement from me.04/24/2015 - 2:23am
Andrew one should ever act like it was or is okay. We should continue to call it out, condemn it and fight against it until that garbage stops.04/24/2015 - 12:06am
Andrew EisenMatt - Unprecedented amount of reporting? Sure and deservedly so. Goes hand in hand with the unprecedented nature of the attacks. Regardless, whether anyone could have, should have or did anticipate that level of unwarranted nastiness...04/24/2015 - 12:04am
Matthew Wilson@PM everything I read said 25% valve 50% publisher 25% mod maker.04/23/2015 - 11:49pm
Papa MidnightApparently, though I didn't verify this myself (admittedly), VALVe takes 75% of the purchase price for community creations.04/23/2015 - 11:41pm
Papa MidnightJudging by the state of SteamCommunity and reddit, people don't seem to thrilled with VALVe's community creations policies.04/23/2015 - 11:39pm
Matthew Wilsonwrong site it was slate my bad. - 10:27pm
MattsworknameWhich piece was that Matthw? Voxx did alot of them04/23/2015 - 9:57pm
Matthew WilsonI dont like ether side of this mess, but I think the vox peice from a few months back is one of the better peices on how to end this stupid thing.04/23/2015 - 9:47pm
MattsworknameTrue mecha, but in ideology fights like this, most times people dont care who or what the allies do.04/23/2015 - 9:47pm
MechaCrashIt is incredibly obvious that Milo had no dog in this fight and was inserting himself for reasons unrelated to gaming, it's just that he *actually did* what GG keeps accusing Sarkeesian of doing.04/23/2015 - 9:28pm
MattsworknameAlso, andrew, I knew there were others, just wasnt aware of there specifcs names or anything04/23/2015 - 9:23pm
MattsworknameAndrew, I think what was unprecedented was how much reporting there was on it. It was never really big in the public eye before.04/23/2015 - 9:22pm
MattsworknameMilo came around cause it srved is purpose. Lots of people do Mecha. its called politics04/23/2015 - 9:20pm
MechaCrashI'm sure there's more, Milo is just the first guy that comes to mind as "fraud with political agenda."04/23/2015 - 9:14pm
PHX CorpIm trying to test out Windows 10 Tech Preview Project Spartan web browser by stopping by GP04/23/2015 - 9:13pm
Andrew EisenReally, that's it? Off the top of my head I can name Thunderf00t, Amazing Atheist, AlphaOmegaSin (haven't watched any myself), tl;dr, Mr. Repzion and that guy behind the Sarkeesian Effect.04/23/2015 - 9:04pm
MechaCrashYeah, remember when Sarkeesian publicly stated games weren't for her, or called gamers "losers in yellowing underpants?" Oh, wait, that was Yianopolous. Funny how that never seems to come up...04/23/2015 - 9:02pm
Andrew EisenUnprecedented too. I don't think we had ever seen anything like this up to that point. Not on that scale for what it was targeting.04/23/2015 - 9:01pm
MattsworknameAndrew, the only video maker I know who seems to do anything realy direct about anita is some guy called Sargon of akkhad04/23/2015 - 9:01pm
Andrew EisenDisagree. The sheer frequency and severity of the abuse and threats (again, before she even said anything) was completely unexpected for most, I'd wager.04/23/2015 - 9:00pm
MattsworknameAndrew, if you spend time on any for of online gaming, you had to know that crap was coming.04/23/2015 - 8:45pm
Andrew EisenI rather enjoy Sarkeesian's videos. This is true. But I would defend anyone who has been mischaracterized or lied about. Even Jack Thompson. Sarkeesian is not special in that regard.04/23/2015 - 8:00pm
Andrew EisenKaylaKaze - We've been over this. She's not lying about anything. She's taken nothing out of context (in the sense that it would change what she's talking about) and the Mirror's Edge thing was something someone else made up.04/23/2015 - 7:57pm
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